Five Arms, One Ear

That right there? That is just one cold fancy piece of custom jewelry, put into place by Vern K. at Stay Gold in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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47 thoughts on “Five Arms, One Ear

  1. why settle for a simple vertical industrial when you can take on every other cartilage piercing!
    never seen anything like this. great work

  2. yea whats up with that and is there alot of blood or does he need a shower? but dood props for the insave custom jewelry

  3. i always feel as if piercing such as these are on the ridiculous side, but i have to admit this one has a beauty to it and it looks good.

  4. I can’t imagine that this jewelry would be good at all for fresh piercings, and it appears as though that’s what this picture is of?

  5. to “person”: Looks like an ear pointing to me, the tissue probably split while healing to give it that ridge. Definitely not an industrial being embedded…they would have taken care of that long before the piercing of anything else.

    Beautiful, yes. But I can totally see that being covered in hypertrophic soon. But…dammit all it’s so cool looking!

  6. oh my god i love this
    are they fresh or did they just get angry from all the ear prodding from putting the jewelry in? o_o

  7. permafaust- if it’s anything like my t-bar industrial it all screws into the central bead but it does look like it would be hard to trist it around all bent like that

  8. I do not like… I’m not a big fan of ear projects..
    And it looks like an ear pointing that didn’t heal completely together or came apart a bit while healing.. not seen too terribly often..

  9. Not doing it for me. I get that it’s really neat, and well done, and is pretty extreme for an ear project. But it look’s cheap and tacky. That dent in the cartilage is probably just an old (poorly done?) helix that didn’t heal as planed. This should be fun to heal.

  10. I looked at this pic and felt an immediate and deep attachment to my ear phones. I hope that this guy(?) has an alternative music disbursement system. :)

    That said, I like it. I actually do like ear projects, and this one is quite nifty.

  11. I think this is pretty cool. I just think the ear pointing gone wrong spoils it a bit.
    I think all the blood, which people are mentioning, is because the peircing is fresh and
    they have had to mess around putting this in instead of normal jewellery which would have
    agrovated the holes more. I done see that this would be that hard to heal, its just like healing
    a few piercings at once, if he just takes extra care and cleans it more often I think it would be ok.

    But I cant help thinking it would be easier and less painful to do the piercings first, let them heal and then
    put this jewellery in, oh well.

  12. alrthou the idea is nice i doubt it will heal as you can see the pressure on the mid ear piercing!

  13. Nic: “Cleaning it more often” is not really required. Caring and tending for it and your body is all that is required.

    Interesting concept, etc. Just hope that much work in that localized area, doesn’t produce more swelling then normal, or that the individual does something to promote swelling (dehydration, poor diet,etc), as that could lead to something very nasty.

    Kudo’s to Vern for being so meticulous with everything.

  14. anyone have any idea if the piercer or person who had this done is on IAM? that fuckin huge hole up at the top of there ear is really make me wonder of all the possibilties of what it went threw….

    as for the piercing…. eh, thats just too much to take on in 1 area in 1 sitting… coulda gone a way less painful route and better healing wise if theyd done it in sections or at dif times. probably would turn out with better results that way but to each their own

  15. not really my taste, but I can appreciate it. however my eye cant help but be drawn to the blood splatter, and the ear pointing?/failed helix? and question the healing ability of this, especially if all fresh piercings

  16. Don’t like that at all, looks a total mess, and its going to be horrible to heal. I doubt it will heal.

  17. having been reciever of negative critic here before just let me say. this looks like a really nice idea. not really practical or sustainable in my opinion. but again. thats just my opinion. but it would explain the photograph it now, not show it later mentality that modblog tends to breed. but i do wish the wearer lots of luck and kudos for wanting to be original.

  18. Oh wow I haven’t check here in a few days didn’t know this got put up here. Anyways to answer some of the questions, yea the pic was taken right after I did it and I have pics from the day after that look a lot cleaner. The hole is where he wore a larger gauge piece of jewelry (8g or 6g) that was taken out. It was done on a person that has had several heavy mods done and is my area so that if he has any issues he can stop in and get them taken care of . As far as putting the jewelry in it takes a lot of pre planning. All 5 bars go to the center ball with the gem that can be changed to any 1.2 mm threaded end. The center ball is made by me.

  19. kind of novelty, not very practical for wear. It almost looks like this person had some kind of ear shaping procedure?

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