Posh Skiffle

See, now, in addition to being a handsome aesthetic addition, it’s interesting to note that these microdermals by Allen Edge out of Superfly Tattoo in San Diego, California, are also load-bearing. What, you think when you build up hipbones like that they just stay in place by themselves? Not a chance. But now, when this gentleman pops his shirt off in public (as he should be wont to do), he can be secure in the knowledge that his many impressive glamor muscles will stay just where they should be. More evidence of this fine craftsmanship, after the jump.

8 thoughts on “Posh Skiffle

  1. Too bad he doesn’t know how to wear pants.

    I kid, I kid.

    Is that a burn scar below his navel?

  2. I love it!

    I have a mad obsession with symmetry, and i really really hope he gets the other side done as well.


  3. A ain’t really looking at the piercings right now.. instead I’m slightly drooling over his magnificent body ^^ ;p

  4. I nomnom’d too
    and i baww’d at the sp boxers <3 😀 wonder what his face looks like

  5. OMGGGGGGGG. photos made me tear a bit. i would LOVE TO LICK that stomach oh man…lemme stop. nice piercings i guess 😛

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