Sweet Talk Like a Cop

While there may be wrong—or, rather, less than ideal—reasons to commit to body modification sometimes, there isn’t really a “right” reason. For some people, it can be an intensely personal, serious and spiritual act, while for others it’s more a means for generating some lightheartedness—both are valid and important aspects of what we try to cover here. We’ve always loved publishing Babasom‘s submissions because, as we’ve said in the past, they genuinely brighten our day (and, likewise, he genuinely seems to enjoy brightening the days of others), but they also feature a man who is pushing his body in a very real way—even if huge septum piercings aren’t as “cutting-edge” as maybe they once were. “I have helped it bloom,” he says of his “metal flower” above. Don’t ever change, Babasom.

16 thoughts on “Sweet Talk Like a Cop

  1. I would love if there was a contest to get Babasom to put the crazyist thing we can think of in his nose :) .

    My idea is wide clear aquariam hose, with feeder fish swimming through one side to the other. BAM!

    Never tire of septum hi-jinks!

  2. ^^ haha that would be such a great idea, do you think babasom would do it? oh please babasom ;D i wanna see him shove a leek in there…and then spin it around…

  3. Remind me to never use any eating utensils whenever I am at his house, lol. All kidding aside, that Guy definitely has a knack for making me laugh a little with all the different things he puts in is septum. The last one when he was spraying water had me confused for a second, but then I realized he was using an eyelet.

  4. @scotty – i didnt want to be the only one to say it, but +1. how many submissions will this guy get published this month? (not knocking jordan) but we can’t have the same dude on every page :P

  5. not only is this guy a legend for septum-lovers everywhere
    but he rocks a beard quite nicely
    how does he keep the ladies off? i will never know

  6. i think he keeps the ladies off useing the metal spoon shield up there. i’m so jealous though i got up to 3/4″ but my nose looked like someone strapped a lowercase “b” to it and i looked like an ogre i’m down to 1/2″ trying to figure out how to go back up without the bulging.

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