Blast Off

Good afternoon, folks! Sorry for the late start—we’re not at liberty to discuss the cause of the delay, but let’s just say the Zodiac killer may be one step closer to being brought to justice. At any rate, let’s begin our week with Jannell, whose presence on these here ModBlogs is always, always appreciated. In this photo by Jeff Greer, she’s sporting a new(ish) set of clavicle microdermals by 7yler, and we don’t think we’re alone in thinking they’re a wonderful complement to an already lovely collection of modification work.

43 thoughts on “Blast Off

  1. > Good afternoon, folks! Sorry for the late start—we’re not at liberty to discuss the cause of the delay, but let’s just say the Zodiac killer may be one step closer to being brought to justice.

    You make too many jokes, Jordan. Used sparingly they would be amusing. Every post is too much, they’re devalued and, at this point, just plain annoying. Wit used judiciously is humor; wit in place of substance is pathetic bluster.

    Please stop: you’re not funny enough. We _know_ you were late in posting but it hardly bears mention, at this point. Suppress your desire to hide inadequacies with humor and Modblog will be one step closer to recovery.

  2. I’m sorry that my horrible joke made it impossible to appreciate the photo, which was the actual reason for the post.

  3. Even without the failed attempt at humor this post is still not what I’d consider “Modblog worthy”. I know that modblog is looking for more authors but the current administration doesn’t seem to like me that much.

  4. man just leave him alone. if you don’t like the commentary, don’t read it.

    in terms of the post: she is absolutely beautiful!

  5. Honestly everyone… FUCK OFF.

    Seriously – this is a community of togetherness and acceptance. This woman has been on modblog several times before, and she deserves every post. She is beautiful. Since the fuck when did modblog become just for the extremely modded?

    And if you don’t like Jordan, or his posts, don’t fucking read them – also, if you don’t like it, go the fuck somewhere else, and try and do a better job. This shit is really getting on my nerves. IT’S ABOUT ACCEPTANCE AND RESPECT PEOPLE!


  6. She is gorgeous and i love the anchor work on her chest. The anti brow is nice, although i do find it a little over bearing.

  7. Modblog worthy? How about large scarification pieces, that push limits. How about pulling a vehicle, I know it’s been done before but something about a person pulling a truck like that is amusing and inspiring all at the same time. How about when mods go wrong, although it didn’t exactly go wrong. Wow about an edgy photoshoot,

    Those types of things are modblog worthy. And those types of things are still happening and I’m sure still being submitted. I could probably go through the recent submissions and find at least as many interesting things to post.

  8. Lets see…a good looking female with some nice piercings and some jokes to start off with…has worked for me as long as I have been coming to this site. I sorta like your humor no where near as bad as mine.

    “Life one day at a time”

  9. I agree that this is not modblog worthy. I bet tons of people send in pics, why dont you pick someone new? Or something new?

  10. She is so beautiful, one of my favorite modblog girls!!! She always just looks beautiful, anyways everything is ModBlod Worthy.

  11. Guys. It’s a blog.
    It is free and easily accessible eye candy.
    If you don’t like it, don’t read it, and for the love of all things holy, stop complaining.
    And if you don’t like jokes in your daily reading, read the news, not this; plenty of serious business for you there.

    If you can do better, go for it.

  12. First off, I do like the picture.
    You need a variety of pictures ranging from simple and elegant and edgy and dramatic.
    I think modblog is still doing that.
    Maybe not at the same rate as before but still, they ARE doing that.
    I don’t see why people are so completely unsatisfied by something like this.
    You could have NOTHING.

    One thing I’d like to see less of is the multiple posts by the same people unless there is a significant difference in what is going on.
    Like say, healing something or a new piece or before and after stuff.
    I think showing the same guy sticking a bunch of stuff through his nose over and over is a little unnecessary but I don’t really mind it.
    I just move on to the next picture.

    Anyway, this picture is really nice.
    I like the piercings.
    And that colour is magnificent on her.


  14. i agree that while i love to read editorials and pushing the envelope modifications, those things are frankly pretty rare. that’s why its pushing the envelope. and people were bitching when modblog was only updated once every few days! if modblog was only updated for those few in between special modifications, it would probably be weeks between submissions. so people need to stop complaining, and if you dont like something about modblog, you could at least give constructive criticism instead of attacking jordan.

  15. You know what’s getting annoying on Modblog?
    Not the jokes, or the ‘not worthy’ pictures, but people fucking complaining about everything.
    This picture seems pretty ‘worthy’ to me, she has good piercings and microdermals and it’s an all around good photo, I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be here. Stop complaining.

  16. Holy FUCK! Will the one person complaining with different names get off Jordan’s fucking balls? Shut up! Seriously. This is like a twelve year old thinking he’s on the same level as Einstein. You’re not coming off as fucking cool as you think you are.

  17. The same people that complain of the “worth” of the pics also complain of the quantity. What they don’t seem to get is if modblog was just the most extreme or edgy, there wouldn’t be near as many updates.

    Fucking modsnobs. If you think the pics aren’t worthy send in your mods so we can tell you how unworthy your shit is. Fuck off.

  18. This is beautiful. The placement of her Microdermals looks great and I love the contrast between the silver of the anti-eyebrow and her skin.

  19. i love this pic and i enjoy seeing body modification in any form. i would hate to be attacked like jordon is being by people here and i doubt they would appreciate it either so if you really, really have a sincere problem with the site and a productive suggestion about how to improve it why not send an email? or better yet, get some awesome mods done yourself and send the pics in so you can bask in the glory of your own fine pieces? or maybe you won’t because you’re afraid you’ll be battered by silly internet peoples?

    gosh. anyway. thanks for more updates that last week guize, that was a frustrating time when i sought procrastination from essays and readings. and i hope this keeps going and is not brought down by thoughtless people who should stop and think that they wouldnt like comments like theirs being made about them.

  20. is it terrible that i’m the only one that doesn’t get this joke >.<
    butttt jordan, i still love you.
    also my mum loved this pic :3
    thats all that matters

    and agreed- pho & sushi and avocado smoothies ftw!

  21. When did they change the name to ExtremeModBlog? Oh right, they didn’t.

    I’m always pleased with Jan being featured, now is no exception. <3

  22. It isn’t often that I post on here but have been a Modblog/BME fan for many years. I am sick to death of the nastiness that has started to appear on this site. I for one am happy to see some nice mods instead of the usual calls for the more extreme. If people are not happy with the site’s content and comments just go elsewhere and leave the rest of us to enjoy what is posted.

  23. She is stunning. And I have that shirt.

    I don’t know how people can possibly expect something new and cutting edge every bloody week. The modification world simply doesn’t move that quickly. I don’t get the mentality that “common” stuff isn’t worth seeing – everything’s been done before. It’s seeing how individuals put mods together and what the mods bring to the person’s looks (and vice versa) that’s interesting.

    I can’t stop looking at this picture. I don’t know why, but I really love her lobes.

  24. Absolutely nothing wrong with posting pics of what a nice healed anti eyebrow and microdermals look like! Yeah shutup complainers lets see you heal 6 of those without them looking skanky. SImplicity is sometimes best 🙂

  25. she is absolutely breathtaking.
    and all this complaining completely defeats the purpose of this site.
    people come here to feel comfortable and accepted, and with everyone bitching and ragging about everyone else might possibly be the reason you’re not getting new and exciting entries. i know i would be terrified to have my pictures posted on modblog, i don’t need people insulting me because i’m not up to your standards.

  26. She has beautiful mods, well cared for, with proper jewelry, and that look good on her. This is all she needs to be “modblog worthy”.

    P.S. this just solidifies my desire for clavicle microdermals even more.

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