Told you so

I told you I had more images from Brenno to share. I’m starting to think that when I’m in Milan in January for the Italian conference that I’ll need to make an appointment with him.  I’ve always been meaning to ask him what his IAM page name means. Maybe he’ll share with us in the comments since he participates here on Modblog as well.


See more in Misc. Cuttings (Scarification)

21 thoughts on “Told you so

  1. lovely!
    I can’t wait to see it healed…has anyone ever gotten scarred, then accented w/ ink?
    just a thought, something I was thinking of getting done…snowflakes!
    mmmm. deer…
    (insert homeresque ahhhh…)

  2. Spookybeck…..Yes it has been done. If you scan through the Modblog archives there are a few posts about it. May be a little work intensive to find though. There is one example linked to this post if you are on IAM. Wayde Dunns arm. It’s about halfway down the page. Subtle. But beautiful.

  3. looks great…but the middle of the top ornament looks also little bit like a “the port” in “eXistenZ” ;-)

  4. I really like the general design, but is it just me that suddenly craves minced meat with ketchup?

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