This one gets tricky

I really like this branding. I’m not sure why it’s so appealing to me but it’s incredibly striking. grundstuck‘s seemingly perfect circles were carefully electrocauterized by Quentin at Kalima in Worthing, UK.


Or maybe I just like boys in cute glasses.

See more in Scarification By Kalima (Scarification)

28 thoughts on “This one gets tricky

  1. Hehe, Stephano and his sexy circles :) Looking forward to seeing them fully healed.

    Quentin is an amazing artist. Can’t wait to get work done by him again!

  2. i want my very own nerdy boy with cute scarification work :( the stretched nipple is nice as well

  3. Thank you everyone. I still apologise for my face, i just got back from london (when the pic was taken) after a 13 hours coach travel! haha.

  4. Why is that pattern so great? I’ve been planning to get scarification of it for a while and until recently, haven’t seen anyone with it and now I’ve seen three people within the last three months. Its fantastic. So simple and elegant and dang beautiful.

  5. @Steev, obviously it has been done before they’re just circles. I too love them, that is why i had them done on my chest.

    If i was looking for something unique i would have chosen a different subject :)
    (even though i think that almost everything has been done before, piercing and modwise in general..)

  6. Sorry, straight in from a long day at work, just re read and saw they were electrocauterised whereas timm’s were cut.

    excellent stuff my man. <3

  7. I have the exact same thing – only on my back
    And done by bamboo-tapping tattoo – not scars.

    Absolutely adore it <3
    To the wearer :: is there a personal meaning behind them?

  8. I have circle brandings on my legs :) I really love this, can’t wait to see them healed. I loooove the aesthetic of your mods overall, the small stretched lobes look darling in comparison to the rest of the heavier mods.

  9. @mechanic-organic: basically i always loved circles, their shape and the fact that they never end. As for the number i have a motivation but it’s merely personal and i prefer to keep it to myself ;)

    @forevergold: the lobes are new that’s why they’re small they’ll be big in some years :P
    but yeah i went before into other mods rather than lobe stretching.

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