C’est chaud en maudite!

This is Frank. He has long hair, lives with his parents, works at McDonald’s and never graduated highschool*

But he sure is purdy, isn’t he?

Frank the tank

* He actually lives on his own and holds a solid full time job. Don’t let that ruin it for you though.

24 thoughts on “C’est chaud en maudite!

  1. WOOOHOOO he gots himself a pretty mouth!!! the things i want to do to him come strait out of the movie deliverance!!!

  2. Now wait just a minute !! Nobody be rapin’ me deliverance style !! I just saw that shit on youtube !! scary stuff lol

  3. I guess if you like those cute and bad-in-a-really-gay-sort-of-way boyband types, then I guess he is pretty hot.

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