Rev. Matt, the man behind the ‘stache

This is Rev. Matt, he is a long time IAM member and an accomplished tattooist who works out of Seven Crowns Tattoo, in Toronto. I would have never known any of this if it wasn’t for his bitchin’ mustache though. How could I see a ‘stache like that, and not have to check out the persons page? I couldn’t, it’s just not possible.


Here’s one of my favorite pieces off his shops website.


For a few more pics of Rev. Matt’s work, keep on keeping on.




15 thoughts on “Rev. Matt, the man behind the ‘stache

  1. beautiful vibrant work, the top one looks like a tauren or something lol
    I love the sugar skull paired with candy, represent the 416, Toronto has some excellent shops

  2. I find the cow skull picture amazingly sexy..
    It really follows the shape of her body well.

    Wonder how it looks when she’s sitting down though 😛 not that it matters.. 😛

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