There’s always room for one more…

…and  Rolf here will keep squeezing them in. I am starting to think I should move to Germany, with a customer like this my rent wouldn’t be late right now!


Piercings by  Andrea Venhaus, Deep Metal, Dortmund.

To see the finished piercing and how happy it made him, keep on keeping on.


59 thoughts on “There’s always room for one more…

  1. Awful lobes..i like how they’re big, i really love his plugs, piercings are nice too, but why he doesn’t care about his lobes?

  2. hi, i have seen rolf in person – his piercings are an eyecatcher, no matter what.and I know Andrea from the DeepMetal Studio. She is my favourite piercer. Highly recommended place. people travel more than 600km to get pierced by her, I got my Ampallang & Transscrotal + others – and I am totally satisfied!!!

  3. @#1: It’s a rhino.

    I usually don’t like such an overload of piercings, but I like how he’s following a concept.
    Looks like a metal joker…

  4. Happy! I’m wondering about shaving lol, it must be such an effort to take out all those piercings and put them back in again…

  5. The first pic urges me to say…” why so serious..” but then the second pic clears that all up…I worry for his dental health – tho… x_x

  6. personally not into that many piercings on a face…less is more?!

    but hey he can carry it off.
    like boner, dental health would be an issue!

  7. I think this picture is an example that, anyone can just go get something pierced, but ya gotta know what you are doing when it comes to stretching…

  8. His lobes look like they may be entering the first stages of cellular necrosis, he should see a doctor about that immediately or risk loosing them and having lobe reconstruction done.
    That said, I would love to see the tip of the nose healed and with fitted jewelry. Also want to change his eyebrow jewelry to something more fitted.

  9. Has anyone else noticed his horizontal eyelid piercing in his left eye? Never seen that one before!

  10. happy for him. have to say it makes me uncomfortable when people point out thin lobes or other “imperfections” .. HIS body. his choice.. is what it is, yeah?

  11. the purple sacks of flesh around his ears make me sad.
    also, the fact that he will probably experience receding gum lines due to the nature of metal constantly rubbing against them… makes me triple sad.

    but, he is metaltothemaxxx! bree bree

  12. 31.- Same here. The dental student part of me dreads to think of the gum recession and tooth abrasion… but the rest of me loves these photos!

  13. @#25…..”have to say it makes me uncomfortable when people point out thin lobes or other “imperfections”

    …well this is a body modification website that educates people on safety and the risk factors involved with modification, with lobes like this guy, it would make me uncomfortable if NOBODY pointed them out, they do not look healthy at all!

  14. I wonder if his left lobe gave up right after the photograph. ouch.
    i’ll never understand how people let it get to that point… AND keep going…

  15. I must say the first thing I saw after looking at his new piercing was his ears, not to judge him (like some seem to think when it comes to ‘negative’ comments like this) but out of concern for a fellow being. And like someone else said BME is a site that provides extensive info on risks and how to avoid them, this is a risk right in front of our eyes! We have been schooled well if we can observe it :-)

  16. I’m pretty much with everyone else when I say those lobes make me sad, also with Lynx on the fitted eyebrow jewelry. why is it anytime we see someone with multiple eyebrow piercings they’re always super long? I know doing that many procedures probably puts a little strain on the bank account, but they’d look sooo much better with downsized jewelry..if he came into my shop I’d totally give him a discount on shorter posts just so I wouldn’t have to look at all the antennae..

  17. man that would be tiring on the ol face muscles holding all that up. weightlifting when smiling.

  18. Apart from the sad, sad lobes, his piercings all look so clean and well done and I love how they add a shiny accent to his features.
    It makes me happy that he can still smile so big, even though his lips must weigh a ton.
    I’d totally have a beer with this guy, he seems like a blast.

  19. Those lobes look very angry and fragile. Looks like they’re beyond repair as well. Kudos to him for everything else though.

  20. cherry, so what? get dentures cant you :P lol

    i like this guy, looks cool, but at the end of the day alot of good info about lobe stretching is out there, if he chooses to follow it, great, if nto, well thats up to him really.

  21. as always some bitches moaning …oh the lobes ..bla bla
    u soo fucking annoy the shit out of me…go and die already !!!

    the guy is happy
    we need more happy people

  22. Go and die? Inappropriate. Kudos to him for an awesome metal goatee, but someone who may not know a lot about stretching may get the wrong idea if something isn’t said about the sorry state of his lobes.

  23. @42

    most people use titanium as their 1st choice for body jewellery. and it isnt magnetic. soooo….. yeah.

    - sorry, but i really get sick of the “hurhurhur…. bet you’re scared of magnets”/”oooh, you’ll be staying away from scrapyards”/”i bet airport security LOVE you” malarkey.
    yes i have a lot of piercings, well done, your observational powers astound me…..

    ANYWAY, back on topic – id love to see more austin (pretty sure thats the name for the ‘tip-of-the-nose” piercing – correct me?) piercings, they’re unusual and really purrdy!

  24. One thing that I always wonder when I see people with this amount of piercings is how much flesh there really is left behind all that metal, I would love to see him without his jewelry

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