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  1. Hmm, you seem to have forgotten some vital information. That is, February 20th is also my birthday. I’ll forgive you this time. (Seriously, I’m going to stop now, I promise…)

  2. Look, I know the smoking was bad, that’s why I made another video and submitted that one to you instead, and I’ve sent you a follow up video to that. It’s a shame that I’m receiving negative feedback for the video that I DIDN’T submit, and I wish that everyone could ignore it.


  3. Look, I know the smoking was bad, that’s why I made another video and submitted that one to you instead, and I’ve sent you a follow up video to that. It’s a shame that I’m receiving negative feedback for the video that I DIDN’T submit, and I wish that everyone could ignore it.


    -Post Script: I really appreciate the opportunity that Rachel’s given all of us, as I’m sure everyone does as well.

  4. Hahaha i want to see the video with the dildo in it. I actually tried to make mine outside at first but the damn wind and show kept blowing right into my microphone and making it hiss! No fun!

  5. I also want to say that even if I’m not picked, this is a great way to learn how to present yourself and let others know how much you want to be involved in the body modification community! This is a great motivation to get myself involved in my local body mod community and try to get my name out there and make a difference!

    Thanks Rachel and Jen (and anyone else involved who hasn’t been named!)

    Also, happy early birthday, Jen 🙂

  6. oh my lord. some of these videos are really shitty. draw your own conclusions. not that this is an easy thing to do, but c’mon, some videos are just… GEH. a few are quite good though.

  7. GO ED! best person ive seen so far.
    very well spoken.
    also like how he said hes slept in couches.

    if my vote counted for anything id vote him.

  8. I’m with Seeeingred, outside was out of the question, not just because of the wind but because of my 3 dogs and 2 cats….who want nothing to do with my until I’m doing something important haha much like Kelly’s cat ‘heyyy!! what about meee?? I need your love meooow’.

    I’m also happy to say, I do not care about making a cent, some things in life are worth so much more than money could buy, and I really believe this trip is one of them. So much learning and experience to be had/ gained!

    and Happy Birthday Jen! hope it’s Jew-rific 😛 (and you don’t need to stop going on about it, until the 21st! infact start celebrating now, in less than 2 hours, it will be the 20th….over here in Aus)

  9. Wow, my video is SO short compared to others! I kept it “short and sweet”, trying not to ramble too much and bore you guys.. hopefully you got a good idea of who I am and what I’m like, despite the fact that I was obviously a bit nervous (perhaps monotone as well).. I definitely like being behind the camera rather than infront of it 😉 But this was good practice and I can rest assure that I atleast tried.. keeping my fingers crossed, and good luck to everyone else who applied as well! <3

  10. Mine was also short, I said what I needed to say, anything more and it wouldn’t of made any sense! Haha and I thought you were quite lively compared to some of the others I have watched!

    Ps I like your owls!

  11. Out of this round I’d definitely pick Ed, he really seems to fit all the requirements and his video was informative and interesting.

    I haven’t seen Kelly’s pics, but she was pretty convincing too! 🙂

  12. wow i would have to say Ed rulez hehe
    Andrea have cool vid as well
    i was waiting and waiting when people start editing their vids to show their skills .. now it’s getting better =)

  13. id be perfect for this job just u saying felip leu haha I been tattooed by bit gd friend of felip traverling for good tattoos dont bother me aty all let alone talking to great artists

  14. There’s really a great set of people applying. This is going to be a very hard decision for Rachel… With only a few exceptions, nearly everyone that’s applied could bring something valuable to the site, and I can everyone contributing something special that only they could do.

  15. Video #4 doesn’t seem to be taking it very seriously, apart from giving me the impression he has a permanent residence up his own ass, he’s continuosly looking out the window, fidgeting and his tone of voice gives off the impression he isn’t too bothered. I think alot of people on here feel the need to flash their mods which shouldn’t be the case. I loved Ed’s video, he gave off a really positive uplifting vibe and he seems fun without going over board. I’m not even going to get into the rest of them but those are the 2 video’s that stood out for me.

    I think people should take this a little more seriously. Why would anyone even comprehend doing an interview in a car? Do you think anyone would hire you based on that?

    Ed, you hit the nail on the head. Not too excessive, didn’t come on too strong, had your points and qualifications well defined without waffling on about yourself or any one thing too much. Varied.

    Good work. People looking to do a great interview should take some tips!

  16. I really like Ed, but I also think #3 would be an interesting addition. I definitely wouldn’t want to have to be the person making the decision if the rest of the videos are even half as good as these.

  17. Hey Felicia thanks! I’m away for the weekend. Obviously we at BME don’t quite understand the concept of going on a trip and not working since I’m here, online. 🙂

  18. Anyone know of a decent video capturing program on mac/windows?
    I tried photobooth on my mac but it the video ended up lagging by several seconds by the end.

    The lag is very unprofessional and would like to reduce this as much as possible.
    Also, does anyone know where I can get a decent editing program (for mac) for free, something akin to Final Cut or at bare minimum IMovie.
    I haven’t edited since high school and don’t have access to such programs in my department at uni but would still like to assemble something nice, resources and time permitting.

  19. I video-ed and edited mine in iMovie, I don’t think you are gonna get ‘better’ programs for free though, unless they are illeagal copies.

  20. Wow, I really like Andrea (#3). She has some really interesting stories behind her and the ethnography in Ghana is impressive. I don’t know what internet access is like there but it was probably something just for her to send in the video. She and Ed both seem really approachable and intellectual.

  21. In that case, I’m sure adobe have a program, they do for everything else and I love my Photoshop 🙂

  22. I did the interview in my truck because i was at work. I work 6 days a week at a shop, and the shop is a little too noisy to do an audition tape in. So i did it in my truck. The reason for me looking out of my window, is that Ben was trying to screw me up. What you guys saw was take number 20 probably. Haha. He wouldn’t let me get past 2-3 minutes without poking his head in. I worked with what i had. =]

    And there are quite the competitiors for sure. Ed is pretty dope with it.
    I’m super stoked on getting this chance and opportunity, and really anyone deserves to get it.
    Good luck to you all!

  23. Lornen: People would consider doing an interview in a car. Just the other day I interviewed for a full time teaching job and saw the girl interviewing before me come out of the room in “nice” sweatpants. Previously I had a job where I was in charge of hiring, and got a phone call from a 24 year old man’s mother, because he “didn’t want to bother calling” so she did it instead. I was 25 at the time and NOT impressed. I’ve seen typed resumes with pen corrections written in… couldn’t even bother to print a new copy. People are lazy.

  24. This is a question for Rachel.

    – Will you be posting the finalists for the contest? It would be interesting to see the lucky few that got the great pleasure of going.

  25. Wow, this is truly funny how people are taking cracks at my audition video. Keep having fun =]
    I’m loving how people who are supposed to be accepting of each other are sitting here talking the largest amount of shit about each other…
    Let’s grow up and let what happens, happen.
    I’m not putting myself on some high horse here and saying that i’m better than you, but seriously? This isn’t for a corporate job. It’s an audition video where there were no requirements where we filmed it at.
    No big requirements on what we had to say. It was supposed to be about us and why we wanted this chance. Why we should be brought along. You can watch the same audition tape no matter what the background is.
    Rachel said herself to be creative. And here you are blasting me.

    As i said before, Good luck to all of you guys. =]

  26. # 45, I know I’m not Rachel but I know this one! Haha well
    the finalists are gonna get posted on maybe Monday,then people get to vote. This isn’t how the winners get chosen but it’s to give an indication of who people like 🙂

  27. I’m recovering from a broken fucking face. Not supposed to be on the computer. As soon as I can sit up again I’ll post the finalists and then have modbloggers vote on it. Hopefully over the next few days, Jen can keep up on posting more videos while I focus on healing because I can only see out of one eye right now and I’m not supposed to be on the puter.


  28. So In regards to your first post I may or may not have been really nervous and said “youknow, like, uhm”, a lot. I hope it wasn’t too unbearable.

  29. Get well soon, Rachel!

    I can’t believe the finalists are going to be posted soon…I’m so nervous, my stomach hurts!
    I really hope you guys pick me. Seeing all the videos posted so far, I think I’m the only one who already taught the viewer something about body modification in a culture that I think a lot of the readers haven’t had much exposure to (of course you’ll have to forgive the nerves and awkwardness). I can see how it’s going to be tough though.

    Good luck, everyone!

  30. I’m away right now. I’ll be home tomorrow night. I have to get caught up on work and I promise I’ll post some more videos. I haven’t gotten to talk to Rachel all weekend so hopefully I can touch base with her and I’ll try to have something up Monday night but if that doesn’t happen, for sure Tuesday. I’ll be spending most of Monday on the train.

  31. I vote for ed but I think it’s just because I fancy him ::blush::
    it was the only video I could get through: it was informative, professional, and entertaining. He has a great persona and seems like a genuinely pleasant person.
    go Ed

  32. Just got back from a weekend trip and it’s great to see all the positive comments! Thanks everyone! Shooting and editing these videos is not easy!

    As many have pointed out, there are quite a few good applicants. I’ve been watching all the videos myself with a mix of “wow, they would be cool to travel with if I got it” and “oh man, their video is better than mine! I’m doomed!” Best of luck to everyone!

  33. Feel Better, Rachel. Also, I really like the video from Dylan who posted his youtube video.
    He sounds like he actually knows what he’s talking about!

    I look forward to seeing the finalists!

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