You can always count on Chuck for finding cool pics

As I am sure many of you have noticed BMEzine’s galleries have not updated in quite a while. Well, rest assured Rachel and crew are working diligently on getting the new BME site up (it may actually go live tomorrow), so updates will soon be back to their regular level of frequency.

For the time being though, Modblog pickings have been pretty slim, which is why I haven’t been posting as much lately. In an attempt to gain some content, I have been messaging people on IAM.

I knew Allen had a ton of pics from the Annual Agro Super Pull in Houston, so I shot him a message and asked for his top picks.  Needless to say, he had a bunch to choose from. Of the amazing pictures, none seemed more modblog worthy than these two shots from Mary Beth’s iphone showing the 30 person super pull.


That’s cool and all, but if you want to see it become a little more “super”, keep on keeping on.


51 thoughts on “You can always count on Chuck for finding cool pics

  1. Well that’s wonderful. It took me a minute to recognize what the think in the middle was before I went “Oh god tell me someone got on that trampoline!”

  2. The weight should be evenly distributed so i think it may look worse than it really is.
    definitely one of the coolest things i’ve seen…

  3. the girl in red tank top looks like she crying and laughing at the same time. then you can see her hand in the second picture and she looks like she about to break whose ever hand she’s holding. lovin’ it!

  4. I’m the guy standing on the “trampoline” and I did jump, and I was fun, and if we had springs it woulda been better….next time…AGRO rules!!!!!

  5. This was our 4th annual super pull party. Last year there was 26 of us. Every year it gets bigger. I am really happy about all the positive responses. everyone is invited next year. Lets see if we can get 50 people on this crazy thing. There are a ton more pics posted here!/album.php?aid=150087&id=528921736 which i believe are in the A.G.R.O. gallery in suspension/ritual, and several of the same on my Iam page. I want to Thanks to Sean for posting and Allen and for coming and taking pics and especially every one who made this happen.

  6. Because a regular trampoline was to expensive……this is the “modified” version for less!

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