26 thoughts on “Want a surefire way to get your mug on modblog?

  1. The hand looks that way from the photograph. The light saturation is so intense that it shows no definition in a majority of the hand. Google “lemmy” and you’ll find the photograph. No point in adding stuff that’s not there.

  2. awesome, and deffinitely inspiration. i have a mustache competition next week and ive been growing it out for s propper lemmy status stache.

    also the fingernails seem to blend a little to much. i know its probably hard as hell to get it to look right but at first i thought they were never even on there

  3. Decent job. As mentioned before, the hand looks unfinished, and I am not a big fan of the ears.

  4. The light saturation in the hand is like that in the photograph. Google “Lemmy” and the photo will come up. No point in making stuff up in a portrait.

  5. Shane, dude, we get it. People are just stating their opinions, no need to patrol modblog.

  6. i don’t think shane’s ‘patrolling’ jojo, he’s just letting people know that this kick arse tattoo is the genuine product and exactly what the wearer wanted! i had a photo of mine modblogged a million years ago and i know that i checked what people said about it all the time. it’s just natural curiousity.

  7. Kyl , Shane didn’t get the tattoo , he did it . to everyone else , the person who got it didn’t want their “mug” on modblog . I love how everyone is a critic but most of them couldn’t tell a piece of crap if they saw it or did it . stop feeling insecure about your work or the work you have and lets all give credit for the fine work that’s been done here . Great work Shane !

  8. his hand reminds me of ET for some reason 0.o
    overall, love the tattoo, its dead on.

  9. mung, when you post the same thing twice “Google “lemmy” and you’ll find the photograph. No point in adding stuff that’s not there.” you’re patrolling.

  10. @HB,
    dude, i never mentioned Shane. by “he” i was referring to the nameless subject who got Lemmy tattooed on his shoulder (and didn’t have his mug featured). reading comprehension isn’t your strong point, huh?

  11. Personally there are other pictures of Lemmy I’d choose to get tattooed on me, however, that’s just me.
    I love this tattoo!!
    People need to stop and read Shane’s comments before beating a horse that’s gotta be at least close to comatose now with the whole hand/finger ordeal.

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