Happy birthday Chuck!

If you have ever suspended, watched a suspension, thought about suspending or even just enjoyed a photo of a suspension, you should probably go wish this old fart a happy birthday.


This picture took place at the recent Dallas Suspension Practitioners Convention. What this photo doesn’t show well is the fact Allen and Samar are gracefully balanced and rotating on a spinning beam. Photo credit goes to Rolf, who took dozens of awesome pictures of the event.

15 thoughts on “Happy birthday Chuck!

  1. Happy birthday Allen!!! Even though we don’t know each other I wish you the best and thank you for all of your contributions to BME and the modification culture itself!!! YOU DA BOMB!!!!

  2. I really hope he has the same tattoo on his hand as the guys from boon docksaints

  3. It’s tough gettin old.. But it sure is fun!

    It seems as though you are like wine. You don’t get old, you just get better! Happy Bday buddy!

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