Josh Rahn – Rest In Peace

It wasn’t until a few people posted asking why I wasn’t writing about Josh in the BME tour trip update. As we’ve been primarily offline, I hadn’t heard or read about what happened. Once a few more posts came in and Nikk sent me links to the two news articles about the alleged murder, I finally understood what had happened. While we try to stay on top of news from around the world, you’ll find when you’re offline and out of the states, it’s not easy to stay connected.

I’ll link you to Shannon’s blog to read more of his thoughts on Josh as I had never met him. He has appeared on Modblog before when Shannon first had his eyes tattooed along with Josh and Pauly, it is sad that the next time we mention him, it’s under these circumstances.

My condolences to those of you that knew Josh and the loved ones that he has left behind. Tanky has asked that you contact her via email for more information if you would like to attend Josh’s memorial service on April 22nd, 2010 in Hamburg, Pennsylvania.

Due to the ongoing investigation, the circumstances mentioned in the article and the fact that  Josh left behind loved ones. Please think of them before posting comments in the comment section.

52 thoughts on “Josh Rahn – Rest In Peace

  1. Based on what I am gathering from Shannon’s blog and the comments on his entry, Josh sounds like he was a vibrant soul. I hope the full truth behind the circumstances of his murder are found out, and wish the best to his loved ones. Such a shame.

  2. and if this guy josh was the one who broke in the these peoples house am i going to be the only one to speakout against this feeling bad for him he put his self in that sitchuatio i do not know about you but if someone is in my home uninvited i would do the same thing

  3. bloody hell. such a shame… please upload more information if there is any.


  4. @6

    The circumstances seem to be fuzzy and still under investigation. If it turns out that it was in fact a case of him breaking in and attacking the homeowners then you’re entitled to that opinion. However, until that becomes clear let’s not condemn the deceased.

    I know I’m not really a part of this community but it’s sad to see someone so willing to try new things and take things further pass away so young. My heart goes out to his loved ones.


  5. Always a terrible thing when someone is lost. My heart goes out to his family and friends. And regardless of the circumstances, the suffering is universal. We all come from the same place!

  6. jermya, whether or not he “put his self in that sitchuatio” [sic], he leaves behind a young child. It is ALWAYS a terrible and sad thing when a child loses their parent. Please be respectful of his family and loved ones.

  7. This kind of information always sucks.
    I hope everything can be properly resolved.
    Condolences to his family & friends.
    R.I.P. Josh. 🙁

  8. Though I didn’t know him, i want to speak out my condolences for his family and friends.

    Requiescat in pace, Josh.

  9. @ 12, I feel bad that his son will grow up without a father, but maybe he should have thought about his son
    and the consequences of what he was doing before he put himself into that predicament.

  10. @joshua take a look at shannons blog. shannon himself doesnt buy the story.
    This isnt a cut and dry case of self defense he was set up.

    if you dont have something nice to say go complain on another post.

  11. My condolences to his family, no one deserves this sort of tragedy. :’(

    And c’mon people!
    No matter how it happened, we lost someone who was part of our community.
    Don’t speak ill of the dead.

  12. jermya, please just stop. You’re being disrespectful and rude. I didn’t know Josh, but I have lost loved ones and I can imagine how hurtful your words may to them. Rant on your own blog, twitter, whatever if you must.

    May Josh rest in peace. My thoughts are with his family.

  13. Stayed in a hotel room with josh at APP a few years ago before we got our eye’s tattoo’d.
    A genuinely wonderful person, who inspired me more than he knew. What a terrible loss.

  14. @ K
    your right i as some one who has lost plenty of loved ones apologize to is family.
    but i was just Stating My Opinion and this is a open forum fo me to do so.

  15. If the circumstance turns out that he was robbing someone and he got stabbed in the process of this illegal activity… well that sucks, but he really did put himself in that situation. Obviously we don’t know for sure yet, but if it does turn out that way, I might be guilty of not shedding a tear. *shrugs*

  16. that sux.I meet him and his girlfriend at APP 07 I spend with them couple hours,they were very friendly. R.I.P

  17. @FuckingClassy: I really disagree with you – If, let’s say, someone who was a member of the hypothetical church I went to, was breaking and entering into a home, I wouldn’t be too broken up about it. It’s the same with our “modified community,” to an extent (though I think our “community” covers a much wider scope than a church)
    Like Dimruthien said, if he was robbing someone and got stabbed then it really is his own fault. The article says that he was attacking the guy who eventually stabbed him and the guy’s roommate. What about them, what if he killed them? Would we be sitting here lamenting him going to prison for murder? Nope.

  18. a stab in the back isnt a self defense wound. He was set up. simple as that.

    now whether you believe that or not, you shouldnt say that he deserved it, not in this forum anyways. not in a condolence forum.

  19. I didn’t know him but my condolences to his family and friends. He clearly should of picked a better house to rob.

  20. People need to realize that the point of the post is to alert members of the community to his passing. Regardless of if he had died of a terminal illness, a car accident or in this case, during the alleged commission of a crime. This is not the place to discuss if he “deserved it” because it’s irrelevant.

    I think it’s misleading to state that because his injuries were to his back that it means that he was set up or that he was trying to escape. It is very plausible that you could injure your attacker in the back while he was attacking you. Imagine if you’re grappling and you’re in a “bear hug” of sorts and you stab the person in the back. We have no idea of the true nature of the circumstances and it’s best left to make judgments or pass harsh commentary until the coroner’s report has been released and the facts have been published. We weren’t there and we don’t know what happened. Some people knew Josh and no matter how he passed away, he is gone and he has left loved ones behind. Please respect their feelings.

    If the comments devolve into rude commentary then I will remove the ability for people to comment on this post.

  21. I knew Josh, at one point in my life very well. I’m sad that he is gone. I’m especially sad for his child, he expressed to me that he was very excited to be a father and wanted nothing more then to be a good dad. Weather he made bad choices in his life or not it’s sad that hes gone now…i feel shitty that we were on bad terms at this point.

  22. If he did not try to rob and attack people violently, he would still be happy and alive. The biter will be bitten…. That easy. I would feel sorry for him if he was climbing and fell… But that as not simply an accident, but the result of an planned criminal act violating and injuring others. So… It’s his own problem (oh he doesn’t have any problem anymore).

  23. Regardless of the circumstances of his death, and personal opinions on an event that we will most likely never know the entire or true “story” of, show some respect.
    Judging him on alleged mistakes or choices he made in life has no effect after the fact, and the fiancee, child, friends and family he left behind are surely having a hard enough time as it is without your speculations.
    Especially for those that didn’t know him (and I, too, fall into this category)
    No matter the reason, those that knew and loved him will be grieving their loss, so instead of passing judging the situation, leave your condolences and keep your opinions to your own blogs or in your own mind.

    RIP Josh.
    My condolences go out to everyone affected by his death.

  24. If it was a robbery, that is still no reason to speak badly about the dead.

    everyone makes bad choices. This does not make people who make bad choices bad people!

    What if it was your brother? Your father? You would not be so quick to say “he had it coming, o well, i don’t care”

    No, you’d feel bad, wish they’d made different choices, but mourn them terribly.

    RIP Josh and my heart goes out to his family and friends. May the people who speak so badly never have to experience so difficult a situation themselves, lest they have to eat their words…

  25. Another reason why marijuana should be legalized. Bullshit drugs laws cause a problems than the drugs themselves.

  26. It’s like a bad bad bad joke! 🙁
    I will never forget his funny words, dreams and everything we use to say for each other!

    My heart is in pieces, rest in peace my friend… (L)(L)(L)(L)

  27. He will be missed. My condolences to everyone who has ever loved and cared about him…

  28. he was the fucking man, i dont know the story with him or chad but ive known both of them a while, and its a fucking shame, breaking and entering or not he was always nice to everyone, drugs get the best of people, it feels like only yesterday he was coming into my job and talking to me =/ i miss that guy

  29. I met josh at a party when i was 17 and he inspired me to make my mods visable and not care what others would think( places of emploment and such) and we had funny talks of life,and music and after that night i knew i met a friend he lived a distance away from me but we still talked on the phone and internet and i dont know who was happier about him having a kid me or him because the way he talked about being a father made me just as delighted, i dont think the stories true, and even if it is regardless i have lost a good friend and the world has lost one of the few great human beings,i havent talked to him for a couple months because iv had no way to contact him,and i feel that this might be my only way to get my peace out there,i love you josh and ill miss you,my condolances for his faimly and his newborn roo.


  30. sweet boy. willmiss him. heart goes out to those left behind. i lost my mother young and it changes my life.

  31. This is what i dont like, Why does Rachel have to warn us to think of his loves ones b4 we post something thats just fuck man let people write what they want

    Josh, R.i.P that sucks he was one of my favorites

  32. Jillian… I think you must be misunderstanding something. First, Rachel didn’t issue any warnings. What she did was ask that people please think of Josh’s loved ones before they comment, in other words, have respect for them and don’t say mean/shitty things. Are you seriously saying it’s somehow wrong for Rachel to ask people to be respectful for the sake of those that knew and loved Josh?

    Secondly, we do let people write what they want. We just hope that people can be decent and realize that this is a real person who left real people behind. Asking people to please think of those Josh left behind and be respectful is hardly issuing a warning and I’m confused as to why you’re upset by that request…

  33. oh geeze there’s a lot of back and forth feelings on this page. all i say is i knew the guy personally. people do dumb things. really dumb things. some dumb things cost you your life. but does it speak to who you are or the GREAT things you HAVE done. i don’t believe so. josh was intelligent, a loyal friend, and a loving fiance/father. everyone would want to be remembered for their great achievements in the end. leave the bad behind.

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