Sideways Superman

South Africa has been really coming on strong with the amazing submissions recently! This one comes to us from Wildfire Piercing in Cape Town South Africa. It was done by Stuart Woods who was Assisted by his partner Lliezel Ellick.


While the hooks look a bit questionable to me, aesthetically this suspension (and in particular this picture) is just stunning.

23 thoughts on “Sideways Superman

  1. This is awesome. Dunno a lot about suspension but Is it kinda weird that there’s no blood leakng at all?

  2. yea the hooks look a little shifty, but this is a very well done photo =) thanks for posting it!

  3. I always like seeing the new suspension poses. the picture looks amazing. I can’t help but notice her stunning sleeve, which looks different and has nice linework… good post =)

  4. Amazing pic! I saw people post they didn’t like the hooks. this was a “photo opp” we all do this or that to get “that shot. & I mean come on, that little thing could of went up on that many safety pins & they would of held.

  5. Aye, this lovely gal did my first suspension! you should see the other pics in the set! they are amazing!!!

    btw… novice still here, what is wrong with the hooks?

  6. not everyone bleeds every time they have hooks in them. in fact most times there’s not noticeable blood until you’re well into the suspension or taking the hooks out.

  7. the hooks are open eye ones not close eye ends, notice where the hook connects to the rope, this could pose a possible weak point, although i would assume the person/s involved are well educated performing suspensions and if they had a past problem wouldn’t use them.

    cracking pic!

  8. Beautiful beautiful shot!! <3
    this lovely lady suspended me for the first time…….woop :)

  9. Not even gonna touch the hooks issue here but rather respond to this,

    “come on, that little thing could of went up on that many safety pins & they would of held.”

    Its this kind of thinking by the general public which allows idiots to start trying suspension and seriously hurting people.

    Those hooks are highly questionable and the only thing that would make it ok is if it was mentioned beforehand to the suspendee that safety was being compromised for a photo op and the suspendee and artists both understood the possible risks involved and deemed it was acceptable for those pics.

    But as hooks, they are almost unforgivable as the knowledge on what to use and why is pretty much completely out there for anyone wanting it.

  10. Then again i could be completely wrong and those hooks could have been made under the strictest of watch and have full data sheets on them with an insane MBS.

  11. Knowing her, I’d say she has very good knowledge about hooks and suspensions… so I’m quite confident she knew what she was doing…

  12. It was awesome to be a part of this series…photograph by Clare Foxcroft Williams (Sweet Nausea Photography Facebook group)…she did a pain ritual series as her final body of work for her graduation from art school.
    Check it out at

    I have trusted my life, and many of my friends’ lives, with those hooks and their kin who are exactly the same shape. They have never failed me and I would never jeopardise anyones’ safety by using substandard tools.

    To Cere…I feel it’s your arrogant attitude that ruins so much of the beauty and spirit of the piercing industry. Instead of celebrating the presence of like minded humans, it comes down to the horrid irrelevance of my hooks are better than yours???? So sad.

  13. The caption is a little confusing, Lliezel Ellick is being suspended (guess that is assisting too). Amazing how public forums always encourage expert self-aggrandizing opinion.

    … to add my two cents worth, I will also try not “to touch the hooks issue here”, but…

    Cere… “Its this kind of thinking by the general public which allows idiots to start trying suspension and seriously hurting people.” – How did you get into suspension? Did you do a degree or something? Get a badge? Seems bit elitist to me.

    Not sure what the MBS of a professionally hand crafted, annealed Austenitic 316L hook is actually. Having hung more than 100kg off of one 3.2mm, I think it should be strong enough… So please forgive us for giving the general public the wrong idea and encouraging them to hurt themselves. Isn’t suspension more about Mind, Body and Spirit than a fixation on the gear you use?

    Claire : Rocks!
    Lli : Rocks!

  14. I dont know where either of you picked up the idea of arrogance as i merely stated that the idea of holding someone up by safety pins is ridiculous.

    Nowadays you see alot of people seeing things and going “I can do that!” while putting NO research into it. Hence why we have people falling midsuspension, skin tears, and shoddy equipment breaking happenning more and more frequently in the suspension world. What makes it SAD is that all the research to do this safely is already done and one only has to look for it.

    Have your spirituality, I know suspension for me is one of the most beautful and spiritually intense things that i do and that i offer. But that doesnt mean that i have to use shoddy equipment that will in no way shape or form enhance the experience. and can only harm when it fails.

    Theres no need to sacrifice quality work for spirituality or vice versa.

    And if youll notice i also said that if you did the homework on your hooks then kudos! I MAY have been mistaken and they are amazing, I DONT KNOW. Im just saying that i hope you do know. From the sound of your response, the answer is you DONT know. Your talking about hanging 100kg off of one and it not “breaking”, well what hapens when you shock load? What happens when you get force from movement? How do you know the MBS isnt gonna be 101 and your a hairs breadth away from someone gettng seriously hurt..

    You take this as me attacking you. DONT. Im just saying that in this industry people need to think about why they are doing and using the things they do and if its not acceptable change to something better. Safety and Spirituality CAN be harmonious.

  15. I think i understand your confusion now. My comment was directed towards post #9 that said she could be hung by safety pins.

    “that little thing could of went up on that many safety pins & they would of held.”

    That was what i said “ts this kind of thinking by the general public which allows idiots to start trying suspension and seriously hurting people. ” to NOT your hooks.

    However like i also said, your hooks may or may not be questionable. I dont know. But where is the harm in opening up the exchange of information, I dont see how that is being arrogant nor how it will diminish spirituality.

  16. Cool…there is no need for me to prove anything here…I love my hooks, they work well for me. It’s wonderful that we are all super passionate about what we do then…retracting her claws…no sarcasm there, really.
    I think the arrogance is in the passing of judgements…but, I’m over it now. Exchange of information=evolution. Anytime.

  17. Wow…got really carried away there, sorry. Not sure why all this got the fur on my back up…feel a bit nasty…was not intended. shy now…

  18. aye lliezel, you got nothing to be shy about dear ^_^ you and Stu are wonderful at what you do

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