Bad idea, or just impressive?

So, as most of you have noticed, I have been posting one “bad idea” feature a day this week. Truth be told though, a large portion of the world’s population would consider any body modification or body play act to be a “bad idea”. I suppose it’s all a matter of perspective.

For instance, most ModBlog readers are so accustomed to seeing suspensions that the idea of hanging from hooks through your skin, probably doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. However, ask a hundred random people if they thought that hanging from hooks in their skin was a bad idea, and I am sure the majority would quickly answer yes.

But what about a suspension without hooks, done purely for sexual reasons?


For a totally NSFW suspension picture, keep on keeping on.


This amazing scrotal suspension was sent to us by XXX from Belfast, UK. Obviously, this is a high risk activity that could cause a range of immediate, as well as long term problems.  But is it a bad idea? Assuming XXX, has educated himself on the risk of doing such an activity, is this really any worse of an idea than lot’s of the more common suspension and body play rituals we feature here?

54 thoughts on “Bad idea, or just impressive?

  1. Is he the same guy who sent outdoors scrotal suspensions, and in his attic too, in the past ? I don’t remember his (nick)name…

  2. haha… mm…. fascinating- i would like to formally make myslef available to help w future nekked suspensions 😉

  3. I’d say that it’s totally up to you on what a “good” or “bad” idea is. Overall I’d say this is pretty uh…..ballsy.

  4. I’m not saying it’s any less impressive, cuz damn, but i think his head is touching the ground, so he’s not suspending his entire weight. quite a lot of it tho. i don’t even have balls and i’m feelin sympathy pains.

  5. Hmm… He does have some support with his head on the ground it looks… If he didn’t have his head on the ground and all of his weight was just on his balls it might go very, VERY wrong. Ever take time to read about the risks involved with ball stretchers? This could be right up there with that.

  6. Solo suspensions of any kind are a bad idea, and by solo I mean without others around to help if something goes wrong. I don’t know if he had anyone else there who knew what to do in an emergency, I really hope he did. I don’t have the right equipment for that sort of suspension but if I did I think that would be too much of a risk to take, too much chance of long term injury for my comfort level.

  7. wasn’t there that guy living in africa who did this stuff as well…?! i know i’ve seen this before.

  8. He is probably not alone, but if he is, at least his window looks open, which would allow him to scream for help. This is very intriguing, but as a 250 pound man, I don’t believe my body could handle that even if I wanted it to.

  9. impressive: True
    bad idea: True

    The risc for sudden, thus unstoppable, and than long lasting serious troubles is way, way higher, than with 99,9% of all flesh-hook suspensions I saw (or attended) so far.

    Ok, lets say…. doing a single point 1 hook chest above a 10m abyss… would be comparably amazing – but also stupid in the same way.

  10. bad idea? i’m sorry, the is the best idea anyone’s every had. this man deserves a TV show.

  11. I think there’s no good or bad idea.
    This man knows what he’s doing, for sure it can causes problems for a long time, but here is his choice.
    I applause him for this impressive performance and i respect his choices.

    P.S: Sorry if my english is bad, i’m french!


  12. But this is an obvious suspension !

    In fact he needs much more blood in his brain than in his balls ….. much more to the brain …. !

  13. I gasped in shock and asked my partner (decidedly un-modified) if he wanted to see. A very loud no, to quote him, “if it makes you gasp like that I really don’t want to know.”

  14. i think this is pointless and has little if anything to do with body modification. just seems like masochism to me.

  15. it amazes me when i see these photos because in my mind i feel like there testicles would just pop out with all that weight on them

  16. More and more intolerant and narrow-minded people on ModBlog… It s*cks.
    If you can’t/don’t want to understand something, just close your browser. Thanks.

  17. Oh jeez, imagine if he slipped off his head… Would everything get pulled off?

  18. its a nice shot but yeah its not all that impressive. its impressive that his body can handle his weight from his balls in the same way that any suspension makes me think that. i just dont find this all that shocking.

  19. Natural Selection is going on, and this guy, respecting this Law, is tryng to stop his chances to generate …

  20. a) how does he get out of pictured predicament?

    b) in a few more weeks he can helicopter..?

  21. I’m slightly tickled by the thought of some unsuspecting member of the public walking by his window and doing a total double take..:) And also by the fact he’s kept his cap on.

  22. Hi Folks, my name is XXX and those pics are of me. I’m on my own when I perform scrotal suspension and if you read my blog I can do it for up to 5 minutes at a time, though usually 2-3 minutes.

    Anyone think my head is taking the weight? Well check out my video if you don’t believe me.

    I weigh about 8 stone 12lb. Another trick I can do is to insert six fingers inside my foreskin.

    You’ll see me on the naturist beach at El Cotillo, Fuerteventura, from 1-10 October, 2010

    I would consider doing a movie video and await offers.

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