Behind the Lines

Two weeks ago we took a look at a couple of pieces by Magnutze.  Today we get to take a look at the man behind those incredible abstract tattoos.  Sometimes people can forget that the artists behind the artwork are just the same as everyone else.  Their passion to modify themselves is often overlooked by their own artistic accomplishments, which is a shame because a lot of them have some fantastic pieces.  For example…

I love the look of the tattoos on his face, as they don’t fit into any conventional design.  With a lot of his artwork falling into the abstract column, it should come as no surprise that he has the style on him as well.  The artist is Chandler Barnes from Fur Immer in Berlin

11 thoughts on “Behind the Lines

  1. Im pretty sure this guy lives in Berlin, and his face is tattooed, not scarred, and my friend Chandler Barnes actually did this piece. in Fur Immer in Berlin. So sure because he showed me his picture and told me how he did mixed his pigmenst and what needle grouping he used.
    Either way great design and layout !

    -If Chandler’s name sound familiar.. its because he and Superfly suspension group have been featured here numerous times..Chandler is the head rigger in Superfly also out of Berlin.

  2. As Garza said, he’s from Berlin and his face is in fact tattooed. He’s currently residing in Virginia and if my calendar is correct will be seeing me tomorrow for a lip scalpelling.

  3. Well now, looks like I need to go an rewrite that post. This was my bad as I only went by the gallery it was posted to, which was the scar galleries.

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