The Imperial Fish

They’re graceful and fluid, serene and tranquil, regal and orange.  Orange?

Oh the mighty goldfish.  The token first pet to many a young child.  Once regarded as a symbol of majesty and prosperity, now regulated to the fishbowl, only to die a lonely death, and be unceremoniously disposed of down the toilet.  But fret not, as there are many people out there that respect and cherish the goldfish, giving them ponds and aquariums to live out their days in.  This tattoo by Kevin Gordon shows just how dedicated one can be to the incredible goldfish.  You can be sure the owner of this tattoo wouldn’t dispose of their companion by a toilet.

What was the name of your first goldfish?

11 thoughts on “The Imperial Fish

  1. I was 2 and I named it “kittyfish” which i guess was supposed to be like a catfish? I killed it by dumping the entire food container into its little tank… :(

  2. since in studying to become a goldsmith, my 3 first goldfishes was named after the purity of gold and silver alloys. 925, 830 and 585. 925 is still alive too =)

  3. I dont remember my first fish’s name, but aside from that, that is a pretty ugly goldfish. Maybe im not looking at it right, or its not looking at me right…is it a cover-up of some sort?

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