Happy Thanksgiving!

Even though the real Thanksgiving was last month, it is the big day in the States, with the football, the parades, and the food.  Oh yes.  The food.  Now whether you’re eating turkey, turducken, turturkeykey, tofurkey, or some other variation, if you’re sitting down with loved ones for a feast you can pretty much expect a food coma later on today.  Of course the holiday isn’t just about food.  It’s an interesting holiday as it means so many different things to many different people.  To some it is viewed in the traditional sense, with the celebration of the harvest, and the coming of winter.  To others it is a day much like Remembrance day where thanks is given to the women and men who dedicate their lives to protecting others.  And for some, it’s a day to enjoy with family and loved ones.  No matter what your reasons for celebrating today are, enjoy yourselves, and if you are out partying late into the evening, remember to be responsible.

Now I tried to find some kind of Thanksgiving related tattoo, but unfortunately turkey tattoos aren’t as popular as one would believe.  In all seriousness, BME is thankful for all of its wonderful members who continue to submit their photographs, stories, and videos to share with the community.

For example, we’re thankful that Sonja from Punktum Tattoo in Germany continues to send in such beautiful geometric designs.

So what are you thankful for today?

11 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. i am sooooo thankfull for being supported in modblog again. thank you, rob!
    and i am thankfull for having the opportunity to spread love by doing things i love.

  2. Completely shocked there are no tattoos of pilgrims chopping the head off a turkey. I may need to get that piece just to fill the void.

  3. I’m thankful for all the inspiration I find here…and when I find the money to go with it, well… :)

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