The doctor is in

The Italian Stallion is back with yet another fantastic scarification piece.  This scar/ink rubbing combo of a plague doctor is creepy and awesome all at the same time.  When you think back that at one point in time doctors actually would wear masks like this, it makes you wonder why they don’t now.  I mean if Nostradamus wore one, then why can’t Dr. Phil?  Sure some kids may be slightly traumatized, but what’s the sanity of a few children compared to the overall coolness of the plague doctors.

Ink rubbings aren’t a common submission so it’s always nice to see them sent in.  Hopefully we get some images as this heals for a Friday Follow-up

6 thoughts on “The doctor is in

  1. I am actually in love with Plague doctors right now… i’ve been seeing so many images of them these days and it’s so nice… i’m interested in how this would keep up… i have a feeling it’ll fade a lot and won’t really keep any integrity in the scaring.

  2. Is this a red ink rubbing or is this shot pre-blackink rubbing? either way i cant wait to see the healing process and the results

  3. I wanna thanks Ighlif for the amazing work that he did on me.
    The scar is healing properly and I’ll soon keep you and him posted for the Friday Follow-up.

  4. So far I’m really not that impressed tbh.. ink rubbing or not, I’d be surprised if this were to heal up nicely. But I hope he’ll prove me wrong.

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