The Crack-up

There’s always a first for everything, and while ModBlog has seen the occasional anal piercing, Snake1976 has taken it to a whole new level.  You’ll have to use the clickthrough to see the unedited image.

Now, we’ve seen scrotal ladders before, but they normally stop at the end of the scrotum.  Not so in this case.  He’s managed to continue the chain up into his anus.

Honestly, there’s a couple of piercings in there that I didn’t even know could be done successfully.

14 thoughts on “The Crack-up

  1. Admirable piercings, but that’s a nasty sweat rash they’re causing, and piles ?
    Eww-eww-eww – I looked up close !

  2. Efore thw clicktrough i didnt read anything but just saw the blurred picture and i thought it was just an arm i am mistaken big time.

  3. Are really as incredibly irritated as they look on my screen/to someone inexperienced with bum irritation?

  4. is it hard to wipe with those in? What about during the healing period? that cant be good for a fresh puncture wound.

  5. @Sairino: That’s one of the reasons that anal piercings are so uncommon; they just don’t tend to heal very well. Excrement + fresh piercings = (usually) bad. I’m guessing that it also takes a fair amount of effort to keep the jewelry looking decent, otherwise it’s going to be a little like having your septum pierced and having a bad cold…

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