Just a little twisted

Twisted_box sent in these photos of her unique ear jewelry.  At first glance they may appear to be simple hoops, they’re actually a single custom bar passing through several holes.

In the case of the top photo the bar is passing through 7 different piercings.  It just goes to show that the ear piercing gallery can still come up with surprises after all these years.

25 thoughts on “Just a little twisted

  1. Its a cool concept, and I can handle a bit of lymph crust provided they’re still healing, but that bubbly helix in the top photo… not cute.

  2. one of the top piercings in the photo is getting pulled on and has a nasty bit of scar tissue on it. ouch! Something might need to be rebent there.

  3. The top one only looks like it’s going through 4 piercings, not 7… That orbital seems to be separate. You can see the back of the CBR…

    Still cool, of course. :D I’m definitely with petezilla on the sleeping thing, though. O.O

  4. Hm… even though I am a big fan of cool ear projects, I just don’t see these lasting long. IMO, those bars could have been custom bent a little better to avoid some of that awkward pressure on certain piercings…

  5. It’s hard enough to have a triple spiral and sleep on it. I can’t imagine sleeping on those.

    And now I feel all inadequate because I was actually going to submit my first ever picture to BME of my ear spiral. Now I’m just run of the mill. Booo! :-P

  6. Just healing my poorly done industrial all those years ago was killer, i can’t imagine sleeping with all that going on. Neat idea though.

  7. Oh my god PLEASE CLEAN THE WAX OUT OF YOUR EARS before you send photos of them around. If you have a keloid, alright maybe you’re just kind of fucked, and if you’ve got crusties because one of your 700 piercings is having some issues, alright…but there is no justification in the world for not taking the end of a cotton swab or a wet rag and wiping out the opening to your ear canal. That shit makes my stomach turn.

  8. surprising people that come on modblog and see split dicks n shit are skeeved by some friggin earwax

  9. seriously? what kind of jewerly is that? it’s ugly and seems she just pick some wire and stuck in her ears, there is nothing about “nice design” there.

  10. #13
    Those are not keloids. In fact, those are a far, far cry from keloids. Terms like that need to quit being thrown around when clearly, most people (piercers especially) have no idea what the term actually means.

    Don’t believe me? Go to any medical website and read up on keloids. See what they are, see what they look like. Do not type it into google images and believe every picture of a bump a piercer has posted and labeled a keloid has any merit whatsoever.

    Piercers pretending to be dermatologists by taking it upon themself to diagnose every bump they see as a keloid, hypertrophic scar, follicular cyst, etc., etc. just sound silly and uneducated.

  11. Kat is right, I only count 4 piercings on each. Both ears have a separate orbital, you can see the backs of the CBRs on both photos.

    I like the idea of the jewelry, the lobe/anti-tragus piercings are very interesting.

  12. I agree; doesn’t really flow with the lines of the ear and there’s WAY too much room in some spots, nowhere near enough in others. Might look nicer if it was tightened up a bit and the pressure on the helix piercing was removed. At least it’s good jewelry, if not well-fitted. Always good to see piercings on Modblog that aren’t filled with hot topic crap.

  13. jesus christ, do people here do anything BUT moan? if you don’t like the content, don’t be here! Simple.. Jeez…

    I actually quite like the piercing. So what the helix may be a little scarred? With time, care, and maybe a slight alteration of the jewellery it’ll go away. It’s nothing to crucify her for.
    And earwax? Seriously? There’s like a speck of it. Stop being a picky ass.

    It’s people like you guys that make people think twice about posting pictures here, because no matter what, they’re never perfect.

    You go, Twisted_box, and keep getting modded, I love the piercings. Ignore the haters here :)

  14. @ ayyo: this is an issue of hygiene. It’s in the same vein as posting penile subincisions or clit piercing pics with smegma all over them–HYGIENE PROBLEM. Wipe your shit down before you start flashing it to people. Have some pride in your physical hygiene ffs.

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