Thrash Cat

Welcome back from the weekend everyone. To kick things off this week we’ve got a cat tattoo that would fit right in with an 80s cartoon show.  If the show were about punk cats.  “jjthejonplane” sent this in, and while I’m not sure if he’s the artist or the recipient, I’m guessing he’s from around Maryland, as “Shit Pit” and “Gorons” are both names of Maryland punk bands.

This particular tattoo comes from the miscellaneous tattoo gallery.

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3 thoughts on “Thrash Cat

  1. i looooooooove this! im actually wearing a shirt EXACTLY like that….except the short sleeves arent cut off

  2. Just browsing, & I recognize this one! This is indeed from Maryland, artist Jason Lynn from House of Madness in Hampstead, MD. He’s awesome!

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