Your body is your soul

That’s the philosophy that BubbaSquirrel has, which he chose to reflect in his facial tattoos.  Taking the phrase, “Your body is your soul”, translating it to Thai, and then having Taka Tamada from Body Electric in LA jumble it up and mix it with shapes, was what went into this unique looking piece.

You can check out the full size image in the face and neck tattoo gallery, or in the scalpelled lip gallery with his large lip disc put in by James Wiz (also from Body Electric).

8 thoughts on “Your body is your soul

  1. really cool idea, but what has happened to his earlobe? one part looks black from… being without blood? :-(

  2. Thanks everyone. My ear is healing from a little scalpeling. What you see there is a large scab, looks a lot worse than it is.

  3. dammmmmmmn thats some nice work bubba!

    makes me think again though bout maybe adding a little accented colour in with my black facial work..

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