Pollock Explosion

One of the most well known abstract expressionist painters is Jackson Pollock.  If you’re not familiar with his name, you’ll probably know him as the paint splatter guy.  Reed Leslie from The Hole Look in Anchorage, AK, sent in this interpretation of Pollock’s work.  From where I’m sitting it looks like it could have been done by Pollock himself.  The level of detail and thought that went into this is staggering.

This is just one of a couple of photos Reed sent in that can be found in the miscellaneous tattoo gallery.

23 thoughts on “Pollock Explosion

  1. Wow, that’s beautiful work! Nice to see ink that doesn’t look like a million other tattoos :)

  2. I wouldn’t want it (because I don’t really like Pollock), but it looks really nice. Totally better than Pollock…

  3. this could of so easily been messed up, especially without a outline around the individual colors… man he found the perfect tattoo artist to do this. It looks incredible

  4. eeee that’s on one of my good friends! how exciting!
    Reed is absolutely amazing. I have work done by him that a year and a half later, I still can’t stop staring at.

  5. Goddamn I love this soooooo much it makes me squeel and roll around a floor littered with broken glass and exploding fireworks. Man I dont know why I hang out here. Its terribly dangerous, and with no health insurance, it’s really no bueno. Yet, I continue rolling around, squeeling. Thats how much I like this piece.

  6. It’s awesome to see something of this level coming out of my hometown! Way to go, Hole Look!

  7. The girl with the tattoo is adorable you wouldn’t believe how many random strangers asked her to take her shirt off at work to see the tattoo better :)

  8. I love seeing more work coming out of the last frontier, we really do have some amazing artists and shops around! This piece is EPIC. thats all it can be described as.

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