It’s all about the eyes

If you think the cosmetic tattoos out there are pretty boring, wait until you get a load of this.

While I don’t have any information on the artist responsible, you can still get a great look at these elaborate eye tattoos in the facial tattooing gallery.  The design covers both eyes, as well as extending back onto the ears.

13 thoughts on “It’s all about the eyes

  1. I believe this guy was mod-bloged a couple of years ago when he first had his eyes done. I think it’s fab. Pretty hard to be sad with eyes so fabulous. The antithesis of skull boy!

  2. He just submitted these freshly tattooed photos so if he had some work done previously, he’s updated the work. He’s got it dated Feb 25th for the fresh work.

    If you look at the other photos in the facial tattoos gallery, he just looks so incredibly happy. It made me smile to see the pictures.

    The swelling is brutal!

  3. Tuis tatto is An update, for THE second time. First part was done by Ron Rijks grom in Alkmaar, THE Netherlands.
    After that I made it à lotto’s more colorfull, and that is done by Remy Chantal Deinum from or .nl
    I am very happy with it, till NOS only compliments.

  4. I kinda want a mask like tattoo on my face and this is so insperational . I’ll smile too if my face mask looks this good .

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