The Friday Follow-up

Last week we got a look at Alan‘s fresh chin cutting that Brian did at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention back in February.  If you don’t remember, you can find the original story, with all the bloody photos, right here.  Now normally when it comes to the Friday Follow-up I’ll post a photo of the scar as fresh as possible, and then how it looks after healing up.  With the original story being only last week, I thought for a change of pace you can see a true before and after comparison.  Plus, Alan’s looking pretty good in these photos so we’ll also call this the Friday BMEBoy post as well.

So here’s how Alan looked pre-cutting.

To see how his mug looks now, you know what to do.

For those keeping track, in addition to the chin scar, Alan also has had his cartilage punched by Mr. Decker, and his tongue split DIY style.  Oh and he has a fondness for old school tattoos.

8 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. Tongue was originally split by John Joyce(twice) and once by Brian Decker. I have cut it DIY a lot of times though. It is a constant battle to get it where I want it.

  2. You aren’t the first to bring that up, and no. More than anything it is just tieing together my split tongue and the tattoo on my throat.

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