Attention piercers using Triad products!

If your not a piercer, or don’t use Triad brand products this post will probably be of little interest to you.

Nonetheless, as soon as I saw this link posted on Elayne Angel’s facebook page and read the article, I realized it was important enough to share here so that as many piercers who may be using these products could be informed of the recall.

After the techni-care recall lot’s of piercers went back to iodione as their surface prep of choice, a HUGE supplier of iodine in single use wipes and swabs is Triad and now the FDA is recalling most of their product lines.

Here’s the full article for those interested.

7 thoughts on “Attention piercers using Triad products!

  1. This is why when products start flooding into the Tattoo & Body Piercing, Salons,etc chances are there is a very valid reason why hospitals aren’t carrying it anymore. Yes Hospitals have contracts with suppliers, in order to save on costs,etc. However with situations like this happening, its usually a sign of it went well past the hospital level and is now street level.

    If I remember correctly the issue was also with Triad’s Alcohol wipes, where a kid in Colorado had a bacterial infection from an alcohol wipe.

    Since starting work in January at the hospital I work at, all our set packs (like oversized prep sets catered to specific procedures) all had warning labels on them not to use the Triad wipes. So its clear hospitals new about these issues before hand. However manufacturers and wholesalers failed to notify or issue recalls to non-hospital buyers (the tattoo/piercing shops,etc)

    Personally…I never liked the Triad band when I was piercing. The packaging and products just, to me, felt flimsy and weak and overall poor quality.

    Thankfully for piercers, last I hear, Care-Tech should be back up and running by the end of the month….At least that’s what the rumour mill has been saying lately, that our usual sales rep at Care-Tech started working again at Care-Tech (ie: meaning Care-Tech finally sorted out all the legal BS).

  2. Piercers didnt stop using technicare, they just stopped using reason and critical thinking, and continued using technicare. Well, most of them anyway.

  3. @2: Would you care to elaborate? I would like to hear how “critical thinking” factors in to this situation.

  4. Awesome! care-tech is back in business, nothing like a company that consistently failed to meet FDA standards both in labeling and quality control, not just once, but through the entire life of the company. You know the standards Triad failed to meet? Care tech failed to meet the same ones, but many piercers have continued to use an unregistered and unapproved drug even after care-tech agreed (was all but physically forced) to stop production….
    come to think of it why was the issue with technicare and all other care-tech products not publicly addressed? Could it be that many of those piercers, practitioners, and suspension groups that BME helps to promote, and that help to promote BME didn’t want t address that a product they continue to use isn’t appropriate or proven safe, but many don’t understand how to chose a new product…..

  5. Critical thinking is defined as: the mental process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion.
    I think that by not analyzing and evaluating the clear cut evidence provided not only by the FDA but also by the fact the medical community had largely abandoned use of technicare after thier first stoppage of production and recall in 2000, that piercers have clearly not used critical thinking in their skin prep choice. I mean, I dont know how much more clear that can be. If this was a topic of debate then I could see how critical thinking would be a poor choice of words, but the whole FDA made them stop production thing pretty much takes the debate out of whether you are wrong and putting yourself at a liability for using this product.

  6. Yay.. another American company screwing up and risking lives to make a buck. What happened to pride in your work, or at least keeping standards…

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