Taking it back

I love it when people add stories to their photo submissions.  While not every photo needs a story attached, but when there is one, it can completely change your perception of the contents of the photo.

ldready recently sent in this photo of their newest tattoo.  What you’re looking at is the back of the neck with a depiction of a thyroid gland.  You see, ldready lost their thyroid to cancer over a year and a half ago, so this tattoo is an opportunity to get it back.

As you can see, knowing the story behind this tattoo enables you to not only understand why this person wanted a thyroid tattooed on their neck, it also lets you know that this isn’t an Alien egg.

5 thoughts on “Taking it back

  1. Absolutely bang on Rob – a bit of background sometimes works wonders like you say, and I don’t feel so daft now for my initial thought that the work was indeed a depiction of an alien egg. I would imagine that I’m not the only one either, so anyone else who thought so too, step up!

  2. I understand the background story and all that, it’s great when people get tattoos for such personal experiences. Don’t get wrong, it’s nice that they can do that for themselves, but still makes me wana scratch the hell outa the back of my neck.

  3. I thought it looked really cool before I knew the story behind it… It just looks awesome and the story makes it that much better.

  4. my mother’s best friend was just diagnosed with thyroid cancer, it’s great to see a survivor making something positive come out of her experience!

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