“What’s that on your face blubber boy? A booger?”

Are you blind?  It’s a lonely tear drop!

Given the size of this little portrait, I’d guess that Mario Sanchez used a single needle for this one.  He’s got quite a few micro portraits in his BME gallery, including a number of ones done on knuckles.

7 thoughts on ““What’s that on your face blubber boy? A booger?”

  1. Check out Anil Gupta’s tattoo work as well…he recreates mini masterpieces….famous works of art the size of postage stamps!!

    And Johnny Depp in John Waters “Cry Baby” was fucking awesome. Tracy Lords and Iggy Pop anybody????? If you havent seen it, go WATCH IT NOW!!!!

  2. While it does look cool, I have to say it is all waste of time. It will look horrible in a few years. Like a micro black blob…

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