Circular reasoning

It’s great seeing artists grow in their work, especially ones like Misty, who continually put their work out into the public and communicate with other professionals in order to improve.  What you end up with is pieces like this, a fantastic Ourobors scarification piece, that show just how much she’s improved in such a small time.

You can see more of Misty’s work in her BME portfolio.  Given that she only started scarification work in the past year, with how well she’s progressing, I can’t wait to see what comes next.

8 thoughts on “Circular reasoning

  1. Reminds me of the ouroboros Cattle Decapitation uses for some of their artwork.

  2. Owwch, those look like ingrown hairs (?)

    Very clean cut though, I like it. :)

  3. Cole: good eye! That was the original design he brought in and we took it from there.

    Roxx: he was kind enough to shave before he came in, and it did seem to cause a little irritation.

  4. @Southtownbaby — oh I wasn’t disputing how he got shaving bumps, but I should imagine they must be irritating. Either way, it doesn’t effect how cool the design is. I’ve considered getting a scar done, but the healing process concerns me, so I take my hat off to anyone who is brave enough to put themselves through it.

  5. one meaning of this design is :enclosure of the world.

    i find that meaning and the piece very very beautiful x

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