Miffy is Shiny

Who better than to do a microdermal portrait of The Netherlands’ most popular children’s character than Nesh Cash from Tribal Trading, located in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Oh, and before you go and say something like “too bad that’ll never last”, quite a few of Nesh’s microdermal projects have held up successfully, including ones with a lot more jewelry.

6 thoughts on “Miffy is Shiny

  1. I for one, Love me a bunny :)

    However, I am always bummed out when a client of mine requests “designs” done in surface anchors. Primarily because I know from experience they can be touchy, and they can (at the right angle/with enough force) get pulled out. I would hate to see just one of these have problems, and throw off the whole design!

    That said, it looks lovely, and I hope they have good luck with it!

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