Cherries Jubilee

The Tribal Trading gang up in The Netherlands are quickly becoming the go-to people for microdermal projects.  Today’s piece by Bart Bastiaanse is reminiscent of Pac-Man’s favorite fruit.

9 thoughts on “Cherries Jubilee

  1. I’ve been absolutely adoring all this great microdermal art lately. This one is awesome!

  2. Friday follow up’s on these microdermal projects would be fun. A month in it’s just gonna be some nice scars.

  3. @Jay: I know Bart checks ModBlog occasionally, so hopefully he sees your request and sends in some photoa.

    @Will-Ow: It’s not a photoshop.

  4. i know his work and i know how these are put in, so i’m with jay, bring on the pics after a month or 2.
    probably won’t be much left. as is with the rest of the ‘projects’ they did.

  5. I realized my comment could be misiterpreted, but i was merely refering to the extensive skin smoothing and the many wonderful features of photo editing programs that, to me, make this picture as impersonnal as if the piercings had been realized on a wall. Just as i was reading The Point 33 with Jim Weber’s opinion on such a thing.

  6. i don’t know of anyone who haven’t needed to have their micro’s reseated, or straight out removed especially in high movement areas.

    personally…. to me…. this is a rather expensive (and very pretty, i would like to add) waste of time.

    i would genuinely like to see healed projects…. one month, two months…possibly 6 and 12 months down the line with full info on if they have had to be removed and/or re done!

  7. Microdermal projects won’t stay forever … we don’t stay forever … nothings stays forever!! Some projects last some will not! I will put on a few pictures of our projects after a few months, these cheries are in now for a few months and they last. Our hello kitty did not last, after a month or two problems started but at least she has a nice hello kitty scar to remember, pictures of this i will post later.
    Everyone who signed up for a microdermal project were aware of the riscs.
    For those who think this is photoshop, I really wish I was that good in photoshop 🙂

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