Tangled up in Blue

Over the 4th of July weekend, the lovely Miss Cale attended Skindependence, a weekend of suspensions, piercings, friends, and more.  This particular 32pt corset is just one of the many she did that weekend.  You can check out her BME Portfolio to see more of her piercing and corset work.

4 thoughts on “Tangled up in Blue

  1. They look like beautiful, dainty, ladygloves, just in time for tea. I like them lots.

  2. they felt very much like dainty lady gloves. i loved how extremely girly and fancy they made me feel.
    i was looking in the mirror at one point, and i remembered that i used to wear a pair of lace-up arm warmers that had a similar look (back in high school..). i was obviously subconsciously planning on this years ago =P

  3. Very cute, I love the look of these. Looping the ribbon around her finger as a finishing touch just adds something to it.

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