In memory of Scarlette Adora

This post is going to be tough for me to write.  Just over a year ago two very close friends of mine lost their twin daughters within a few hours of their birth.  The pain and devastation they went through afterwards was horrible.  The loss of a child, especially an infant, is utterly tragic and I would never wish that kind of hurt upon anyone.  Sadly, their loss is shared by many more parents around the world, including members of our own community.

About a month ago, IAM: Miss3uggie and her husband Troy lost their 5 1/2 month old daughter, Scarlette Adora, to SIDS.  2 days after getting the final autopsy report, Troy and Bug went to visit Kerri Kiple from Rendezvous Tattoo & Body Piercing in Marquette, MI where she gave him his first tattoo, a portrait of Scarlette.  With the memory still fresh, Kerri was able to give Troy a small amount of closure.  This is a wound that probably will never heal, and anything that will help Troy and Bug at this time in their lives is greatly appreciated.  Kerri did a wonderful job capturing the joy that Scarlette was able to bring to this world in her brief time with us.

Scarlette was taken way too soon from this world, however her memory will always be kept alive by those who loved her.  A group of IAM moms put together a facebook page as a memorial for Scarlette, which you can find right here.

Scarlette Adora
12/20/2010 – 06/06/2011

10 thoughts on “In memory of Scarlette Adora

  1. Heartbreaking and every mothers worst nightmare.
    My heart goes out to the parents. I wish I had words to soothe the pain.

  2. That tattoo is beautiful and coupled with that story it’s enough to make me cry.

  3. @ helen , every mothers worst nightmare for sure …. bu also for the daddy don’t forget that … if something like this , and i pray i wont need to go thru something like this ever ! , if something like this happenned to me i’m very very VERY sure i would be as heartbroken as my wife/girlfriend ….

    ok mothers have another bond with their child as they carried it 9months in a way we as man would never understand/experience, but most of us have hearts too , we’re not all those bitchy ,lying heartbreakers …

    not that you are referring to such thing , but i’m just saying …

  4. @ Varevinc
    I agree with you completely :-) I am a mom and therefore only wrote “mothers”, where it should have said “parents”.
    It was definitely not my intention to insinuate that fathers have any less love for their children, or won’t be as devastated as the mother if something truly tragic like this happens.

  5. Ugh, so sad. I’m getting all weepy here cause I almost lost my own daughter. She was born 13 weeks premature & even though she survived, I’m surprised *I* survived. I worried so much about SIDS when she finally came home & I was actually glad she was still on oxygen & heart monitors cause hearing the steady beeping was the only way I could fall asleep. I honestly think I’d probably kill myself if I ever lost a child, I couldn’t handle that much pain. I have a lot of respect for parents who manage to come through such a nightmare.

    That’s one of the only ‘portrait’ tattoos I’ve ever seen that actually looks good. My condolences to mom & dad :’(

  6. I didnt even realize this was ModBlogged…. We have another daughter, Lenore, who is helping us through this, but words cant describe the pain. Scar is also my husbands first baby, and that pain is one even I cant begin to understand. Troy found a little bit of healing by getting this tattoo, and though its not on me, I smile every time I see it. Its amazing how much a tattoo can help you cope with lifes challenges. I, we, appreciate the kind thoughts and comforting words, and everything everyone in this community has done for us as of late. And of course, to our friends at Rendezvous, who are amazingly talented people, and even more amazing friends.

  7. I’ve met and spent time with Bug on my travels and a more nicer, kind-hearted person you could not meet. Sometimes you just wonder how the shittiest things can happen to the nicest of people – there really is no justice, there really isn’t.

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