The Friday Follow-up

You know, I completely forgot today was Friday.  This week has been a blur and for some reason today felt like Thursday.  Of course with it being Friday, that means it’s time for this week’s scarification follow-up.  We’ve seen a couple of scars by Richard Effin Ivey this week, and today’s follow-up is another example of his talents.  This scar in particular was important to Richard as it is on his friend, author Malcolm Randall.  Malcolm’s book, The Malchemist, is about accepting yourself, and living through the troubles life can throw at you.  With self-acceptance being a big part of body modification, it’s no wonder that Malcolm’s book is important to Richard.  But enough about the book, let’s take a look at the scar.

To see how this big rib piece healed up, you know what to do.

Here’s how it looked 2 months after the cutting..

And here is Richard and Malcolm 4 months after the cutting, on the day Malcolm’s book was released.

You can see more of Richard’s scars in his BME portfolio gallery.

2 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. the eyes are in the same place, but I had to do a nipple check to notice the pictures were t’other way round in the next shot… then again…. it’s late.

    a happy, even scar so far :o)

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