A poke in the right direction

When it comes to hand poked tattoos, the experience of getting them is often just as significant to a person as the tattoo itself.  With no machine, each and every prick of the needle is guided by the artist’s hand, creating a more intimate tie between the artist and the client.  This effect is magnified when one decides to hand poke themselves.  Below is Max Harris’ hand, and the butterfly/script hand poked tattoo that he gave himself.  While Max travels a lot, he is currently based out of Boston, MA.

I’ve got one more of Max’s self-done tattoos for later today, so keep an eye on ModBlog to check it out.  You won’t be disappointed.

5 thoughts on “A poke in the right direction

  1. …ok that posted when i hit enter….*kicks laptop*

    ooohh that’s nice!!
    what does the symbol in it mean and did he have to have someone else hold the skin stretched to do it?

  2. I’ve always wondered if the people who tattoo themselves have assistants to stretch the skin or if they’ve found another way. Personally, I only tattoo on myself what I can hold taut with my left hand, which isn’t a whole bunch. I think you could tattoo your non dominant hand where Max has because you can flex your hand and keep that skin pretty stretched out on its own.

  3. Duncan is spot on. I just flexed the skin taught. Working on my upper left arm has proven to be somewhat more challenging though, although I find you can usually stretch it enough using the heel of the poking hand and maybe a hard surface on the other side.

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