How do they work?!

Well, if the science behind magnets confuses you, Nilrem is here to help you explain just how these miracles work.

The magnets themselves are a couple of years old, but recently Nilrem went to visit Tom C from Broadway Tattoo Lounge in South Amboy, NJ to get the magnetic fields added.  What’s great is that instead of just getting black lines, he ended up getting blue UV ink.  And with UV ink comes the obligatory black light photo.

You can see how fresh they are by the little splashes of ink that haven’t been cleaned up yet.

So not only is he showing how magnets work, he’s also showing off even more sciencey goodness with the UV ink.

11 thoughts on “How do they work?!

  1. i do like the idea…. however i would expect to see this kinda work featured of awfulmodifications tumblr, which makes e feel like a bad person.

    however as long as the person who has them is happy with them who are we to say anything?

    love the UV ink, still figuring out what i can have UV ink put into of mine :D

  2. ok…. i really dont like playing the snide artist but….ya….this tattoo just sucks. not only did this person not take the time nor have pride enough in their work to do a decent job on the tattoo but they didnt even bother cleaning it properly to take the picture. lazy slap-shot work. It always makes me a little sad when I see this sort of kitchen butchery (even if it was done in a shop i think it still applies) right up next to the work of the dedicated talented artists that are usually featured. Personally I think it gives the wrong impression. “eh…good enough” is NOT good enough…. and there is my rant for the day :)

  3. I was thinking the same as Jackie an the others, but then I got to thinking that maybe this was done deliberately in a rough kinda style so maybe this *IS* the desired effect..

    regardless of if that is true….still could of wiped the splattered UV of first lol

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