ModBlog News of the Week: September 16th, 2011

It’s time again for the weekly news round up.  This week we’re going to get started with a story that a lot of people sent in.  Before I get into it I want to remind people that the person involved in the story is friends with many ModBlog readers and as it stands is currently being charged with a crime, he has not been convicted.  The reason I bring this up is because of the nature of the reporting surrounding this story.  As some of you know by now, Caius has been charged with homicide and is currently awaiting a trial.  He is best known for his large array of heavy facial modifications, and as such the media is latching on to this.  What shouldn’t come as a surprise is how the media is handling the story.  Reactions have been mixed.  Agencies like ABC news touch briefly on his modifications (while using his photo to garner attention), while other outlets like The Sun are completely ignoring facts and just making assumptions based on photos.  Here’s what ABC News had to say:

A ranking Hells Angels member in western Massachusetts and two acquaintances charged in a triple murder killed one of the victims to prevent him from testifying in a kidnapping and assault trial and killed the other two men to eliminate witnesses, according to a police report released Monday.  The probable cause report by Massachusetts State Police describes how Adam Lee Hall, 34, the reputed sergeant at arms of the Berkshire County chapter of the Hells Angels, allegedly was involved in a dispute over an automobile part in 2009 that escalated into a series of criminal acts that ended with the killings of the three men. Their bodies were found buried in an undisclosed location in the county Saturday.  Hall and his two associates, David Chalue, 44, and Caius Veiovis, 31, entered not guilty pleas to murder, kidnapping and other charges and were ordered held without bail during their arraignments in District Court in Pittsfield on Monday. They’re set to return to court Oct. 12.

Witnesses told state police that before the three victims went missing, Hall was talking about how Glasser had to “disappear” before the trial, and that after the abductions Hall said something about “when the three men were taken,” the report says.  State police also said witnesses saw a man fitting Hall’s description tossing shoes, clothing and other items off a bridge in nearby Lenox just minutes after authorities entered Glasser’s apartment looking for the missing men. One of those witnesses later identified Hall from a photo array, police said.  Police also said tests on the inside of Veiovis’ vehicle came up positive for the presence of blood, although whose blood isn’t clear.

Lawyers for Chalue and Veiovis, who is also known as Roy Gutfinski, declined to comment on the allegations.  Many questions remain unanswered. District Attorney David Capeless declined to say where exactly the bodies were found, how the three men died and how Hall, Chalue and Veiovis knew each other. Authorities have said they don’t believe Chalue and Veiovis were members of the Hells Angels.

So as you can see, with the exception of the photo, Caius is only mentioned as being arrested based off evidence found in his car, and that he isn’t a member of the Hells Angels.  Now, we flip over to another “news” agency, The Sun,  and see what they had to say about the story.  Keep in mind they only information both news agencies have is based off the arrest record and mug shots.

With a sinister ’666′ emblazoned across his forehead and horn implants sticking out of his head, this murder suspect poses for one of the most frightening mugshots ever.  Caius Veiovis’ chilling face also includes spiked nose piercings and angry tattoos across his body.  The heavily-pierced Satanist changed his name from Roy Gutfinski to Caius Veiovis with Veiovis a god of the underworld and Caius a character in the Twilight saga.

Yep, he’s a twilight vampire.  There are other stories floating about claiming that he’s actually a member of the Hell’s Angels, as well as several other outlandish claims, and yet in all of those stories he’s being judged not based on any evidence, but simply because he has modified himself to appear the way he wants to.  It seems that for every step forward towards acceptance we take, someone is there to push us back.  Think back to a few months ago when Lady Gaga debuted a music video featuring Zombie Boy and dancers with fake facial implants.  Nobody had a problem with that, and she was applauded by the media for tackling issues of acceptance.  Fast forward to today when someone who looks different than others has already been found guilty by the media simply for looking different.

Thankfully this isn’t the only story this week, so I won’t dwell on it any further.  Keep on reading to check out the rest of the news, including a fantastic interview with Ottawa artist Glen Paradis.

While parts of the world are demonizing them, other parts are celebrating modifications.  The Ripley’s Believe It or Not wax museum has invited Maria Jose Cristerna, Mexico’s “Vampire Woman” to be their newest wax figure.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! took body casts of Maria Jose Cristerna, known as the Mexican Vampire Woman, on Friday. Cisterna has titanium implants that serve as horns. She also has fangs, piercings and tattoos. She said she made the transformation after a period of domestic violence. Ripley’s will create a wax figure of Cisterna.

While I wasn’t able to link photos, the article above has an interview with Maria where she talks about what modifications she has, what she plans on getting, and the meanings behind it all.

Tattoo artists in Phoenix, AZ are upset over a proposed new tax that is being billed as a “Sin Tax” which specifically targets tattoo studios and strip clubs.

The Phoenix Food Tax left a bad taste in many people’s mouths. It generated $28-million extra for the city, but the added tax was unwelcome with people struggling to stay afloat in the down economy.  That tax runs out in 2015, and leaders are already looking at other options. One of them could include a so-called “sin tax.”  Right now it’s just an idea being looked into by the Phoenix City Council. The idea is to raise extra revenue for the city if the food tax expires by taxing things like strip clubs and tattoo parlors.  As you can imagine, tattoo artists in Phoenix are hoping this sin tax doesn’t go through.

At 27 Tattoo Studio in downtown Phoenix, tattoo artist Mark Mayhem has built up a loyal clientele.  He worries what would happen at tattoo parlors around the city if the so-called “sin tax” is passed.  “As to be expected from an artist, I really feel like it’s going to hurt some of our business,” he says.  Mayhem says the idea of taxing something like a tattoo is going too far, and that it shouldn’t be lumped together with strip clubs and other vices that could be taxed.  “I’m an artist. That would be like taxing painters or authors. But, I hope it doesn’t go through.”

I’m kind of curious as to how a tax on strip clubs will work.  Does it apply to lap dances only or will giving a tip require the dancer to stop and calculate the tax added to it?

Today’s final story is one that’s a lot more positive than the one we started with today.  Glen Paradis, an Ottawa tattoo artist, recently did an interview with The Ottawa Citizen.  There was no sensationalism, no hype, just a great interview with one of the country’s finest artists.

These are three things that many people look for in a tattoo: good, fast and cheap. Glen Paradis says he can deliver any two, but at the exclusion of the third. You want good and fast? It won’t be cheap. You want fast and cheap? It won’t be any good. And if you want, say, a tattoo of a huge spider on your face, he suggests you go elsewhere.

The 41-year-old tattoo artist has spent the last decade at New Moon Tattoo — he’s currently at their Orléans location — where he’s become so good that clients can expect to wait up to seven months for him to stick needles loaded with indelible ink into their skin. He compares the loyalty of his customers to that of car owners who return repeatedly to a good auto mechanic.

For the first while he only tattooed grapefruits, practising drawing straight lines, circles, corners, squares and maple leafs on the soft, round fruit, learning to complete designs with just one or two passes of the needle thus keeping any possible damage to the skin to a minimum.  From there it was a matter of finding a friend who would let him try his first tattoo on skin. “My buddy Andre let me do three Chinese characters on him. I was a nervous wreck.”  For the next couple of months, Paradis tattooed nothing larger than a toonie, working on getting good before trying anything large. “If you jump into something too big, you make mistakes.”

And while doing a complete and original body tattoo — he’s done several full backs, legs and sleeves, but no full bodies — is near the top of his bucket list, he says he’s equally happy doing the profession’s bread-and-butter designs: the hearts, wings, Celtic crosses, roses, stars and tribal motifs.  “There’s nothing I hate doing. You want something that’s been done a million times before? I’m going to do it in a million-and-one different ways. You want a rose? Let’s make it fantastic. You want a ladybug? Let’s make it look real.  “I just love tattooing. I get to do this every day. I draw every day. I see fantastic people from all over the place and I get to come to work dressed like an 18-year-old kid, listen to music and have a blast.

“I’m going to do this until I die.”

So that’s it for this week’s news.  As always, if you find an article that you think should be included.  Just send me an e-mail.

Other than that, have a great weekend everyone!

71 thoughts on “ModBlog News of the Week: September 16th, 2011

  1. Guys … I’m in Quebec city and have to wait from May 5th 2011 to January 16th 2012 to get mine done by the artist I chose…

  2. “It seems that for every step forward towards acceptance we take, someone is there to push us back.”

    Um, excuse me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t he been in jail before? You’re talking as if he’s being persecuted for no good reason, when the reality is that he is a criminal who keeps bad company. I used to read his IAM page and it played up the fact he was a big, bad dude who likes to do bad things. So if that’s the image he wants to portray, and the life he wants to lead, then too blimmin’ bad if something like this happens.

    It’s not a witchhunt, Rob.

  3. Yep…

    “Caius Veiovis served almost seven-and-a-half years in prison in Maine in 1999 for charges including elevated aggravated assault.”

    And I suppose you’re going to go on to say that he was wrongly convicted simply because he had body modifications, right?

    C’mon, Rob…

  4. I’m not going to defend or accuse him of anything here, but I will say that they way he has been portrayed in a majority of media outlets has been disturbing. I’ve stumbled across the story in four or five different places and this is the first I’ve heard that he was one of three arrested for the crimes. Every other story has only talked about him. Is his appearance extreme? Yes. It is grounds for the media to fixate on him? No. A majority of people on here know someone who has modification who have been in trouble with the law. And a majority of people on here also know someone with modifications who are outstanding members of society. Let’s not focus on him, but the fact that the modifications were the lead in the story, not the crime.

  5. @Jon: Whether he did it or not isn’t the issue and I’m not saying anything as to his innocence of guild. The problem is like Scott says, the focus is entirely on his modifications and not the crime. If this story popped up and there was no circus surrounding his modifications then I wouldn’t have posted it as it’s not modification related.

  6. Are you really using The Sun as something to quote from? That’s almost like quoting from The Onion..

  7. “With a sinister ‘666′ emblazoned across his forehead and horn implants sticking out of his head, this murder suspect poses for one of the most frightening mugshots ever. Caius Veiovis’ chilling face also includes spiked nose piercings and angry tattoos across his body. The heavily-pierced Satanist changed his name from Roy Gutfinski to Caius Veiovis with Veiovis a god of the underworld and Caius a character in the Twilight saga.”

    What’s inaccurate about this description, besides the grammar?

  8. I have to agree with Jon P, Rob you sound a little too biased here. I get that some of the media is focusing on his mods, and I don’t know how to say this with out sounding like an ass, but with an appearance like that the dude has to be expecting negative attention regardless if he is involved in shady business or not. I’m not saying what the media is doing is right by any means but people are still pretty damn narrow minded.

  9. Dude has 666 on his forehead. Yes the media is focusing too much on his mods, but you really can’t say that’s surprising.

    666. On his forehead. It screams either, “I love the devil” or “I think I’m a badass”.

    Some amount of discrimination is going to happen when you put something so confrontational ON YOUR FOREHEAD.

  10. “Caius Veiovis served almost seven-and-a-half years in prison in Maine in 1999 for charges including elevated aggravated assault.”

    There are (possible) explanations: He was capturing two women in the bathroom while he was taking cocaine. I guess, if such a guy saying “please” and joking around while drugged, it sounds a bit more serious than from another guy :). And the other accusation sounds, as if a blood and cutting play (which is often shown here on BME) got a bit out of control. (cutting stitched with 30 stitches). To me its a bit astounding that he was convicted so long for something, in which noone gets really hurt. (But there are other crimes like these worth of punishment: drunk driving, pederasm, rape, fraud…)
    Its a “sense of common” thing. So its scary how near some BME-activities gets you near to jail.

    To me also the “vampire” accusation can be misunderstood. Also at a Christian mass, the people drink blood of a person… okay, its only symbolic, but there were discussions, that a wonder transforms the wine into REAL blood, so even Christians are very near to use blood for a mass.
    the old testament never denied other gods. There are weaker, and tend to enter a medium or an idol. As the Jewish god is “envious”, its forbidden for Jews to pray to them. I think a “black mass” can be done as follows:
    A special medium prays to an idol, symbolizing an “other” god. The god enters this specially gifted medium from the idol. After that it donates some blood which is diluted into water, and the community drinks from it. So this god got physical part of them too. Are they all Vampires as they drank blood?
    As said, this all is described in the Bible, is fully (pre-)christianic, not so far away from a “normal” mass, and sounds to me reasonably (if you believe in the God-stuff hocus-pocus at all :) )

    But I understand that all sounds a bit scary, and I can not deny that the accusators may be right, but this is an other view.

  11. The point is, whether he did it or not, the media can really spin things around. European media, by and large, does not maintain the level of ethics of American media, and is far, far more likely to sensationalize: The Sun is just the prime example.

  12. “European media, by and large, does not maintain the level of ethics of American media, and is far, far more likely to sensationalize”…………. OMGROFL u m8 my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111 !!!!!!!!!!1

    Disclaimer: Childish reactions to profound stupidity may occur in this post.

  13. Yeah, wow tooki, that was really going out on a limb! Sure, the Sun is horrible, and there are horrible newspapers in Europe too, but come on! There is a difference between tabloid newspapers and serious newspapers, but I can assure you that in for example Sweden, where I live, the serious newspapers are at the VERY least as ethical as American newspapers.

  14. So, I’m checking young Caius’ facial runes, trying to figure out what he’s rocking there. Looks like [fehu/othala/ansuz/dagaz], the runes for F-O-A-D. So, the world’s most esoteric Fuck Off And Die tat?

    Points for originality, I guess…

  15. as to his other “crimes”
    one was for a blood ritual, and if people on this website wish to crucify someone for blood play they are probably in the wrong community….

    if you delve into the story you will see he did NOT get convicted of slicing open anyone. he just happened to be there, and be the male, and the young women in questions mother actually forced her to testify. she went on the stand saying she did not believe he had done anything wrong
    he was in fact in the other room when said cutting occured.

    as far as the kidnapping charges….people seem to dismiss the fact that they were DROPPED!
    because the two strippers who accused him had also tried to pull the same scam twice before.

    there’s always back stories to everything.
    I won’t speculate on if he is or isn’t guilty, time will tell that.

    but in the interim, please understand and respect the fact that he was family and friends out here in the world and everyones lives have been turned upside down.
    I expect to read negative comments from close minded people in mainstream media
    it hurts alot to see people within my own community making stupid comments about his modicifactions and how he should expect to be treated unfairly because of them.

  16. @tooki “ethics of american media”?

    To me one of the worst things is the implicit prejudice. In Germany, the privacy of accused and convicted offenders are protected. Mugshots and names are never published. Only when the person is prominent, some information may be leaked.
    The idea is, that (1) an accused person is by definition innocent till official conviction, so the privacy must protected in case of aquittal. And (2), the punishment is exclusively reserved for the state.
    So the offender must be protected against the conviction of the people. There is an ongoing discussion if in some cases of rape or child abuse these rules can be lowered, because of the protection of the people in the environment. I think these rules are the result of the bad experiences during the Nazi regiment, as Jews and others are marked and delivered to the brutality of the plebs.

  17. i agree with what Rob said. he isn’t being biased here, he’s simply pointing out two opposite ways the news media is presenting this story. i’m sure there are a bunch of news medias that land in the middle here: presenting the story but also touching on this man’s appearance; something that shouldn’t matter. i knew for a fact this story was going to be on modblog after i saw it on the news and i wondered what would be said about it :)

  18. Um, Jenn… Rob WAS showing a bias in his writing with this piece:

    “It seems that for every step forward towards acceptance we take, someone is there to push us back. Think back to a few months ago when Lady Gaga debuted a music video featuring Zombie Boy and dancers with fake facial implants. Nobody had a problem with that, and she was applauded by the media for tackling issues of acceptance. Fast forward to today when someone who looks different than others has already been found guilty by the media simply for looking different.”

    Now, there IS ambiguity around who Rob is naming as the “someone” who is trying to “push us back”. That someone could be the mainstream news media or it could be modified criminals giving “us” a bad name. I would like some clarification around that fact and also some kind of discourse around who this “us” is.

    Us, the modified? US? That would be like saying “Us, the Atheists” as if all atheists are supposed to identify with one another simply because they all lack any theistic belief. I am in no way unified with this Trash dude simply because I too am modified. It’s obvious that he’s made bad life choices and associated with people who are at least capable (as I assume the 81 are) of the things of which they are accused. So why would I or anyone else subscribe to this notion of “us”?

    No-one is trying to bring “us” down. That’s paranoid shit, dude.

  19. @Jon: Let me put it in a way you might understand. Say you get charged with a crime you didn’t commit.
    On the way to the court someone snaps a picture of you and then prints a story saying “he’s guilty because he looks the way he does”.

    I’m not saying Caius is guilty or innocent. That’s up to a jury to decide. The problem I have is that the majority of news outlets are only seeing his appearance and ignoring everything else.

  20. ah the Sun….what a complete waste of shite that gossip rag is..

    seriously…the sun in terms of tabloid papers goes, is probably one of the best….at focusing on things that have bugger all to do with the story itself more often than not…..and thats if you can see past the tits and football on the pages lol

    seriously, I would like to have seen a proper broadsheet uk paper do this…would of been more like the first article..

    the sun…not even good even to wipe my arse on with all the crap in it lol

    and sin tax? who comes up with these names lol

  21. Oh pish posh, Rob. We make conscious choices about how we look, and, whether one modifies oneself as a personal choice or as a way to separate oneself from society, if we choose a drastically “different” appearance to what is the cultural norm of the time, we set ourselves apart and make ourselves objects of curiosity, admiration, or disgust. We know this. It might not be fair, but it’s common-sense.

    If you choose to drastically modify yourself, you’d better be damn sure your behaviour is exemplary. If you’re modifying yourself to set yourself apart from society, as some form of outlaw practise, then I have no sympathy if you butt heads with the enforcers of that society’s laws and norms. Diddums. You should expect it.

    I’ll repeat: it’s not fair. In fact, it can be quite offensive and aggravating. But you’ll never change it. It’s ingrained. Just as we are all ethnocentric about aspects of the culture in which we were raised, we can’t help but be biased towards what we find normal. The majority of people don’t find modifying oneself to be normal and will take offense. Until the majority of society is tattooed, then pierced, then stretches those piercings, then gets brandings, cutting, and implants, these things will all carry a stigma.

    It’s all so straight-forward, it’s almost redundant saying it. Unless you’re working your ass off to become the employers of the future, the semi-professionals and professionals, you’ll never bring about widespread changes in mainstream attitudes. And people that choose to live on the fringes and participate in modification practises, who keep company with criminals and participate in criminal acts, will always taint it for the rest of us who enjoy being tattooed, piercied, scarred, implanted, etc. etc.

  22. “I’m not saying Caius is guilty or innocent. That’s up to a jury to decide. The problem I have is that the majority of news outlets are only seeing his appearance and ignoring everything else.”

    Um, every news story I have read, regardless of whether they make his appearance a point of interest, are still at least reporting that he is being accused of murder and kidnapping. They’re not entirely ignoring everything else. Perhaps you wish they wouldn’t even MENTION that he looks the way he does. Well, they are. Why are you so aggrieved that Caius is getting exactly the reaction he wanted from the modifications he underwent? The jagged 666 on his forehead, as well as the rest, are obviously supposed to cause a certain reaction in public, yet you’re all butt-hurt that the reaction is the obvious one?

  23. When the news reports the police are looking for a 5’10″, 200 pound $RACE male between the ages of 30 and 34, that’s not racism aimed at people of $RACE background, that’s a description of the suspect…

    Try to look sinister and dangerous, people are going to talk about it.

    The number “666″ is very potent, very emotionally charged. As is the swastika. I see those pieces of ink, especially on the bloody forehead, I’ll be thinking/reacting much differently than to African tribal facial scarring or to moko.

    Apropos of nothing: If convicted I guarantee he’ll show up on Stupid Criminal lists/sites. For doing crime while sporting an unconventional, attention-getting, easily-identified image.

  24. @Jon P

    Considering the runes on his face translate to “Fuck Off And Die,” I am inclined to agree with your viewpoint. The man may or may not be innocent, and I am certainly not fond of societies view on modification, but he is only asking for the publicity he is obtaining. He asked for the reaction he is getting. I don’t know the man, but I don’t need to to know that he wants to piss people off. And that is exactly what he is doing. Every tattoo on the mans face breathes of hatred.

    Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. It is not acceptable of the norm to be heavily modified. You must be conscious in every decision you make towards modification. I have thought and rethought every tattoo and piercing I have ever gotten. I enjoy the art, but I also know what kind of statements they will make. I know that I will desert, shock, and offend some people and I have come to terms with that. I am ready for the reactions. It is something everyone who decides to push past the acceptable norm must do.

    This man has clearly chosen his battle and I do not sympathize for him. He has brought the entirety of the attention he has received upon himself. Does it make those of us who decided to display public modifications seem horrible in the majorities eyes? Sure. Is it fair? No. Should modification, especially public modification, be generalized as a factor for violence and mental instability? No. But thus is the world. This is the world we have created. It is what we have to live with. We all know what society thinks of modification, we chose the reactions we get. If you do not educate yourself on what society deems acceptable, then you are deserving of being offended when someone slanders you. I do not have pity for those who make uneducated decisions.

    I don’t enjoy being negatively viewed just as much as everyone else in the world. But there comes a point in which you have to ask yourself how everyone else around you will feel about what you do to your body and then you must make the decision whether you can live with how people see you. People forget that we are creatures of circumstance and comfort. The majority of the human race defines what is normal as what is comfortable. And what is comfortable is what we have become accustom to. The majority of humans views are formed by the environments we grew up in, and I would almost go as far as to say that all humans establish at least some opinions from their environment. Societies views do not change over night but they do always change. Eventually, and not so long from now, something that was looked down upon will become acceptable. And something that was acceptable will be seen with prejudice.

  25. I completely agree — I have quite a lot of visible tattoos, and no, I’m not fond of the way some people choose to view me as a person because of them. But my tattoos aren’t intended to invite negative attention, and that’s why it bothers me when they do. I have brightly coloured, cartoonish tattoos – I have Sailor Moon and
    Sailor Mars on the back of my legs, and yet somehow some parts of society will find a way to be offended by that. Fine. That’s their bias, and their old-fashioned viewpoint. All I can do is act in a way to hopefully change that bias – I work in hospitality, and speak to people on a daily basis. I am polite, well spoken (I hope), and like to be well informed news and politics-wise. I have a part time job, I study fulltime, I’m married and live a very quiet life with my husband and animals. I don’t do drugs and have never been a fan, I have no criminal record, I don’t drink heavily, and I didn’t get pregnant very young like a large part of my age group have done in my area. Infact, people that know me joke about me being the oldest 24 year old they know.
    My parents are very straight up and down, and people have asked my mum how she “can stand to watch me do those things to my skin” (delightful, right?). She now answers the same way I do — “I’ve worked fulltime since I was 17, I’m studying, I’m married — I’m not a pregnant crack whore walking the streets with several children in state care – where’s the issue?” Even though it took a while for my parents to get used to the way I look, even they can understand that a person isn’t their looks — but in the case of the guy aforementioned, sometimes the cover IS a dead giveaway to the book behind it. If you choose to have “666″ and a translation of “Fuck off and Die” tattooed on your face, and you don’t want to be judged by it, then don’t give them a reason to be judging — don’t get yourself arrested and convicted of assault, and then don’t get implicated in the murder of three people. In my experience, there’s usually no smoke without fire. (Let’s not be petty idiots and bring up obvious examples of the opposite.)
    Or, you know, don’t get that kind of provocative statement put permanently to skin. I’m not sure if I’d trust a guy wearing 666 on his forehead, and I’d like to think of myself as pretty accepting.

  26. American media isn’t discriminating against modified people in particular. They do this to everyone:

    Man accused of rape? Instantly guilty in the eyes of the media for being a man.
    Crime among young minorities? Parents are harshly judged, shamed, and deemed responsible.
    Pretty white girl goes missing? Media largely ignores similar cases involving people of other races, genders, and economic standing.

    And those are just a few examples.

    The difference between the above cases and this one is that every single day the media crucifies people for things they have absolutely no control over, however this man is being judged based on the choices he made – right down to his appearance. This is a man who chose to have “Fuck off and die” tattooed to his face and then chose a path of criminal behavior.

    Am I saying it’s right for the media to interject with shallow opinion and speculation? Absolutely not. But it’s a far cry from discrimination when you consider that the media frequently treats everyone in this manner.

  27. He was really cool (post prison) after his full side of face branding was posted. Funny how opinions change. No one commented on any of his other less ‘friendly’ mods then. And he had them all, bar the runes.

  28. @Veal: HE was cool? The branding is bad-ass, but that doesn’t say anything about the person. Isn’t that the point of this discussion? His branding is awesome to us, scary to others, but none of that comments on Trash as a person. The difference is that post wasn’t concerned with Trash being charged with triple homicide. This one is. Hence the negative reaction. It’s also concerned with Rob’s contention that the non-modified are trying to oppress the modified, which is a load of crap. There is no “modified” just as there is no “them” oppressing it. There are only people, individuals who make their own conscious decisions. Trash should be blamed for casting a negative shadow on tattooing and body modification practises.

  29. He was perceived by some people as being cool, in the comments forum, because of his branding, now a lot of emphasis is being put on him for creating a negative image in particular because of the satanic tattoos (even though the branding was also satanic) I was just pointing out an irony, not actually calling him really cool myself :)

  30. i dont care wether he has face mods or no facial mods -

    if he did it he should serve the time.

    but knowing “the sun” (im from the uk) and their crazy way of reporting, im not surprised he isnt being reported as a shop lifting murderous, woman hating child molester who rapes kid and dogs with his horns and then shits on them! The sun is full of shit about everything, in fact i would go as far to say if you have read it in the sun, buy another paper and check out the story again!

  31. I’m not going to comment on the articles or the story itself. His guilt or innocence is in the hands of the courts and hopefully they will decide correctly. I just wanted to say that I tend to agree with the majority of what Jon P is saying.

    When it boils down to it, media sensationalizes everything. The fact that he is so unusual looking, even in modified circles, is certainly going to be talked about and met with very typical reactions by people who are just not at all familiar with heavily modified individuals. Unfortunately, for most of these people, the only time they’ll see such a heavily modified person is in a case like this where they’ve made the news because they’re accused of a crime. There’s a reason I tend to avoid ever reading the comments section of news sites… :)

  32. @19 – FOAD I agree on, but there are symbols before and after that are hard to make out in these photos and I don’t recognize what I can see as runes. Also, runes has several other meanings depending on age and context.
    It would be nice to have a better photo but his 666 tattoo does make “Fuck Off And Die” very likely.

  33. Also, you’re straight up asking to be treated differently when you get something like “666″ tattooed on your FOREHEAD. I mean, honestly, be more of an attention whore.

  34. All subcultures are microcosms of the wider mainstream culture/s in which they exist, so I find it funny that certain people are asking for a “kumbayah” hand-in-hand outlook on this kind of thing. If someone’s a fuck-up, shit-at-life piece of trash, like this guy almost certainly is, why the hell should the rest of us stick up for them simply because they had an IAM page and have some serious mods?

  35. Instead of making things all conspiratorial, just explain. Having heard from the concerned party feel free to delete my entry, and this one too if ya like :D lol

  36. It may be wise not to mention who his work was done by. The media is in an up roar and digging into any lead they can about him…. Mainly who did his work. This article should have been left off Modblog. This site makes me absolutely sick. Mind your own fucking business and do something more useful with your time instead of passing judgement on someone most of you don’t know personally. Bad judgement call on posting this article Rob. Flat out bad judgement.

  37. I’m aware of that, hence my request to delete the posts I made above.
    I’m just saddened that someone who was part of the Iam community (The Ghoul) a friend to many, as him and someone who truly devoted himself to his body transformation and ritual is now being erased and virtually white-washed from BME. I understand certain people not wanting to get involved with the media, but to everyone else, he was an interesting and articulate guy, I for one enjoyed chatting with him on Iam.

  38. All I got from what Rob was trying to say is that it kind of sucks that the media latches on to his mods so much. (Yes, he got 666 tattooed on his forehead blah blah blah asking for it blah blah blah.) Because for those people who are more easily swayed by the media, they’ll probably see someone ELSE on the streets who has horns on their forehead and/or a stretched septum and/or branding and/or tattoos may (or may not be) an outstanding citizen and assume that they too are a (possible) murderer and a dangerous person. And that really sucks for “the rest of us”. (“Us” being the modded people without a criminal record living “normal” lives.)

  39. I’m probably the only one who latched onto the name Caius to point out that if he’s associated with the Hell’s Angels, the odds of his name coming from Twilight are pretty slim. There were multiple christian leaders (including a martyred pope) with this name, as well as a number of characters in Shakespeare, and a Jack Whyte novel. I’d put money on it that this last character, Caius Brittanicus from The Skystone is where he drew the inspiration for his name.

    Sorry, literary geek, nothing to do with his criminal record, but seriously. Does anyone look at him and think “oh he reads Twilight and names himself after characters from that series.”

  40. At the request of several concerned parties directly involved posts have been removed and particular people have asked to not have their names associated with this story. Out of respect for them and out of respect for the fact that this is an ongoing police investigation I have removed posts at their request.

    No one is trying to white wash anything. I am simply respecting the wishes of certain people to remove their names and I would hope other BME and IAM members would respect the nature of this story and those particular members.

    Please feel free to discuss the story in question and whether or not you agree with Rob’s take on things. ;)

  41. For my part, I didn’t want Rob to publish this story but left it up to him. I understand why he chose to publish it and discuss it. I’m sure that had he not, people would accuse him/us of trying to bury it and pretend it isn’t happening when body modification is being made such an issue (in some articles it seems to be the prime focus, not the 3 dead people). So it was a judgement call for Rob and I’m sure one he stands behind and I respect his choice to post the story. Were it me writing the news posts I would not have because of the fact that it’s an ongoing criminal investigation and some other reasons that simply boil down to my own personal point of view.

    I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer here. Some people will feel it shouldn’t be posted and some will feel that it should. Both are just opinions.

  42. Also while there is NOTHING funny about this entire case, the fact that the news sites are mentioning Twilight in reference to his name is hilarious to me. I actually laughed out loud when I read that part of the story.

  43. I imagine he must be a literature junky too, because surely there were a plethora of other significant literary figures whose names AREN’T also tied up with Twilight, but being the literature junky that he is, ‘Caius’ must be of such great importance to him that he chose to take the name regardless of its whiney, glimmering vampire connotations.

  44. I’m only aware of one literary figure who’s name was Caius, I had no idea there was a ‘plethora’, must be you who’s the literary junky :)

  45. All these statements on how how he chose his appearance and should accept/expect how he’s treated/perceived is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve seen on modblog in ages. Essentially what you all are saying is that 50 years ago people of color should have expected to be harassed, assaulted, even lynched for going into the southern parts of the US, because it’s was well known that they weren’t welcome. Or that people who choose to be open about their sexual preferences should expect to be harassed, and assaulted if they go to certain areas, because it’s outside societies “norms”…
    It’s equally foolish to say, “If your going to heavily modify yourself your behavior better be exemplary”, that is no different then saying, “If your black/christian/Hispanic/caucasian you better behave, because if your perceived as being “bad” all members of that group are”…..
    and lets not forget that one of the founding principals of the US was freedom of religion, so who gives 2 shits if he’s a satanist (what does that even mean? a member of the Church of Satan, or the Satanic Church, or just follows some self defined ideology). I’m pretty sure we can all agree innumerable horrible things have been done in the names of every religion at one point in history.

    lets not forget that the articles at most said blood was found in his car, that is why he was arrested. Blood could be from the victims, could be from an accidental cut, could be from a huge bag of steaks that leaked into the carpet, or from a piece of roadkill. I’m sure it will be analyzed, THEN we can make a better judgement.

    I’d suggest that that those of you who have taken a judgmental and in my opinion, elitist view on this person take a good long look in the mirror and figure out why your so unhappy with yourselves that you need to use the anonymous internet to degrade another person based on a number of poorly written articles.

    we don’t need to feel any kinship to him because we are modified, nor do we need to use the choices he made to try and inflate our own sense of worth.

  46. Jon P – Amusing. I doubt he’s ever read it and got the name elsewhere. Probably prior to Twilight. More like the author is limited in literary scope to such tripe as Twilight. After all the name Caius appears in Shakespeare and last I checked he pre-dates any sparkly vampires. I certainly didn’t know the name Caius appeared in the Twilight books until I read that article. Now I do!

  47. I don’t think we should be complaining about prejudice in the media.
    Maybe I just watched Lost Boys too many times as a teen, but isn’t attracting young, experimental girls and scaring the living shit out of conservative, GOP, very christian elderly citizens the whole POINT of getting cool tattoos, sporting cool haircuts, wearing cool leather jackets and riding big bikes? :P

  48. @Critic

    Yes, I am saying that 50 years people of color should have expected to be harassed. I did not say that it was fair or right, only that it was expected of the time. You are a damn fool if you think that a colored person would go outside of their house during that time period and think that they would not be harassed by a white person that day.

    The same is true for a person who decides to modify themselves. You will be looked down at, end of story. It’s not right, it’s not fair but it is the truth. Deal with it.

  49. The one thing I don’t get is why they are posting his picture all over the news articles and when you read it it reads as if he’s the Hells angels member. Because he has implants and tattoos on his face he’s the ring leader in the pictures. It’s sad because I feel he’s going to get the worst sentence out of all of this because of his appearance alone. Even if he is not guilty he’s going to be the spectacle.
    I hate when people say that “If he didn’t want the publicity he wouldn’t of mod’d himself to this degree”… Maybe he’s sick of society and wants nothing to do with it… Not like you see him on the cover of every tattoo/ piercing mag and he’s not out there in the latest gaga video ( not that there’s anything wrong with that).
    I hope he’s not guilty just because I know friends of his that care about his well being. I also hope he’s not guilty because the media is going to construe this all around as people with horns and facial tattoos are all satanists and murderers that society needs to fear.

  50. “Maybe he’s sick of society and wants nothing to do with it…”

    Bingo. But what he SHOULD have done is rented a cabin in the woods of Maine and stayed right the hell OUT of the society he apparently hates. Unless he hates it so much he wants to attack it, therefore he should be in jail.

  51. @X (16), Samuel (17), Rich (18), Uso,Jukaku (21), meow (22/23)

    As a very smart American who’s lived in Europe for many years, I have had significant exposure to both sides (including behind-the-scenes access to some degree, thanks to a journalist in the family). European media — even ostensibly world-class newspapers — are quite a bit less likely to remain neutral.

    I never said American media was as ethical as it *should be*. Some of it is good, and some of it sucks. But IMHO, on the whole, it’s better than what you get here in Europe.

    Fox “News” is of course a joke, but we all knew that already. And yes, I realize that the Sun is Europe’s bottom of the barrel.

    Either way, unless you have specific and significant experience with media on *both sides* of the pond, I ask that you respectfully stop the personal attacks on my intelligence.

    @Uso (21): “In Germany, the privacy of accused and convicted offenders are protected. Mugshots and names are never published.”

    That may be so, but Germany isn’t all of Europe. Here in Switzerland, for example, that information is often published. And there is other significant bias, such as that when a Swiss-foreign dual national does something good, the papers report them as being from whatever town in Switzerland they live in. If they do something bad, on the other hand, they report them as being a “Swiss with foreign roots”. There is systematic bias in a LOT of the media here, even the most serious newspapers. I see it against foreigners, I see it against Americans specifically, and against Germans, Turks, ex-Yugoslavs, and other groups the Swiss perceive as undesirable.

  52. Not knowing the man, I found this article interesting

    - it suffers from the usual satanism=crazy association but the references to diagnoses of BPD, antisocial personality disorder and/or dissociation, would explain a few things including how he could simultaneously pass as a ‘cool guy’ and be capable of extremely poor decisions (NB capable of, not guilty of). Sounds like he’s not had the most/best support from ‘the system’ and so it is perhaps no wonder that his physical manifestations are so extreme… sad story either way :(

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