Don’t go that way. Never go that way.

Did you say “Hello”?

No I said ‘Allo, but close enough.

From this little worm to David Bowie’s codpiece, Labyrinth is a fantastic film filled with amazing images that are just ripe for tattoo material.  Jay Wheeler from Eternal in Detroit put together this piece of the worm and one of the door knockers.

5 thoughts on “Don’t go that way. Never go that way.

  1. aghhh <3 <3 <3

    I feel like I’ve seen this before, but whatever I’ll always love it.

    Come inside. Have a cup of tea.

  2. Hooooooly Crap. I just about lost my shit when I saw this. I love this movie beyond belief. I already have one Laybrinth quote on me … one day, I’ll have a massive Laybrinth tattoo. One day :P

  3. Amazing… His eyes look so real, as though his head is three dimensional. I’m always blown away at the amazing art and talent showcased on modblog

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