The Friday Follow-up

Starting today off with a mathematical conundrum.  As math geeks are sure to attest, numbers can be pretty awesome, and when manipulated, they can result in some amazing things, both mathematically and philosophically.  Take the tesseract for example.  Mathematically it’s expressed like so:


Yet when it’s cut and branded into flesh it looks like this:

And here it is healed up:

The lines were done by cutting/removing the skin, while the larger solid areas were branded.  The artist is Jeremy Milinazzo located in Davis, CA

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3 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. all that whole thing means up there is that each dimension (height, width etc) goes from points -1 to 1 when you graph it.

    but a tesserect is just any 4th dimensional cube. messy philosophical things those higher dimensions are.

  2. is the same had the tattoo on my thigh done after the scarring healed up a bit….pics were just taken at different angles.

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