The First Cut is the Hardest

Whenever I post something about IAM:Nilrym, it always turns into an interesting story.  This time around Nilrym was experimenting with doing some DIY scarification.  Now, going by the photos in the gallery, as well as his comments, I don’t doubt that he took proper precautions when attempting this, but as always, if you attempt to do something like this, make sure you’ve done your homework.

That all said, here’s what Nilrym had to say about his experience.

At first I didnt plan to remove any skin. I just wanted to experience much pressure was needed to cut through the skin for when I wanted to do a removal. I made a single cut to start in the middle of my music line, which I knew would eventually be removed. I then decided to remove a piece as a trial. Unfortunately the initial cut I made, actually made it challenging for my inexperience to create the border cuts because they were so close and allowed the skin to move.

Finished and cleaned up. It was a good experience. Trial and error. Got to feel how tough the leg skin is. I was gauging the depth based on scarification I have had but I found it difficult to know if I was deep enough or too deep. It seems most scalpel blades dont list how high quality they are, but I should try to get better ones if possible because I found it difficult to make fine slices near already cut lines to correct any imperfections even after I warmed up to everything and was giving good pressure.

You can check out the rest of the photos in the scarification galleries.

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