The Friday Follow-up

Today’s final follow-up comes to us from scarification artist Alyssa Jane.  Alyssa works at Eclectic Body Art in Olean, NY, and it’s there where she crafted this penny-farthing.

She didn’t give a time-frame for the follow-up photo, but by the looks of it I’d guess somewhere around 2-3 months.

And that’s it for today’s follow-up marathon.  Remember to upload your scarification photos to BME so we can continue bringing you the Friday Follow-up.

2 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. That was about 2-3 months on the healing, I just want to add that was also my first piece I’ve ever done! :)

  2. This is perfectly how my mind would want a scar to be, not too white, not too raised, things change and fade and all bodies scar differently, but this is amazing, simple enough design but still has a lot of detail

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