Four years later

It’s been four years since Joeltron took a huge risk and had the white of his eye tattooed. Here’s what he has to say about this milestone.

My eyeball tattoo. Now over 4 years old, done by (Howie). It was the first one done in Australia, these days there are quite a more floating around – but I thought I would share this macro photo. I have had absoultly NO problems with vision, discomfort or anything after I had it done. Around a week of mind discharge and being a bit squinty, then it looked exactly the same as it does today.

We all know that eyeball tattoos are incredibly dangerous, and can lead to blindness, however, it’s good to see that Joel hasn’t lost his vision, and the colour is just as bright as the first day he had it done.

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9 thoughts on “Four years later

  1. It must take some serious resolve to do this. I can’t even administer eye drops on myself without wincing and blinking.

  2. I was born with vision problems so this makes me cringe, I couldn’t do anything with a risk to damage my already poor eyesight. I definitely applaud him for such a spectacular result but it’s certainly not something I could ever do.

  3. so fukin hot! maybe I’m the only girl that likes to lick eyeballs but I’m just saying i would love to lick a tattooed eyeball

  4. Has eyeball tattooing ever led to anyone going blind? Are there documented cases?

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