Read any good books lately?

I think it’s a safe bet that IAM: xdementia has, if only to celebrate his finished front piece by Stina Sardhina Wulfe from Grim North in Portsmith, NH.

And in case you were curious, the last one I read was “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline.

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6 thoughts on “Read any good books lately?


    also, ready player one is raaaddddddd. Get the audiobook. Wil Wheaton reads it. Full of win.

  2. Giving ‘The Visitant’ by the Gears a go, as well as Paul Moon contentious (and I think utterly flawed) ‘This Horrid Practice: The Myth and Reality of Traditional Maori Cannibalism’. Gotta read a fiction and non-fiction alternately I think.

    Book tattoos! Fuck yeah!

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