Future Mods in TOTAL RECALL

This summer’s remake of TOTAL RECALL puts a great deal of effort into creating a convincing dystopian future that is reminiscent of other films in the genre like Blade Runner. When Blade Runner was made, the art team could not have predicted the proliferation of body modification, but since this film was made in the “age of mods”, they had no choice but to include it, and I think they did a good job imagining a possible future. Not including three boobed-women, the film includes two main pieces of future mods revolving around implantable technology. The first they show is telephones implanted into the hand, which the main character actually cuts out after using since it includes a tracking device. It’s very clearly an implant of the traditional sort, because he is able to cut a slit and pull it out. It lights up and is visible through the skin when used, and gains additional functionality when interfaced to “glass” (a monitor). The other modification we see is some sort of electroluminescent tattooing, where the lines light up like bright neon. These however are not implanted wiring, but some sort of ink particle that can be activated by a power source, as we see a brief scene of the tattoos being applied by what still appears to be a traditional tattoo machine.


If you liked the bio-hackers video that I posted yesterday, and the sort of stuff in those admittedly low-quality screen caps (all I could find right now, sorry), you may also want to watch this talk given by deranged visionary and scrapheap transhumanist Lepht Anonym (sapiensanonym.blogspot.ca). Lepht is an interesting character… On one hand, deeply irresponsible and a little incompetent and self-defeating in their DIY stance that is so aggressive it seems to plug its ears to common sense and medical reasoning that might speed up the process, but on the other hand, with a passion and intimate need to make dreams real that is all too rare in most people. I find Lepht both troubling and inspiring because I support what they’re doing, but feel like there are far better ways to go about it.

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3 thoughts on “Future Mods in TOTAL RECALL

  1. I totally agree with your comments about Lepth. Also, you’ve inspired me to go out and see Total Recall, it’s been ages since i’ve been to a movie and it’s high time.

  2. I totally agree with your comments about Lepht. Also, you’ve inspired me to go out and see Total Recall, it’s been ages since i’ve been to a movie and it’s high time.

  3. There is an Pen and Paper style (like Dungeon and Dragons) game that is going to be made into a PC game called Cyber Punk 2077. The game stylizes style over function. The tattooing and so forth that were presented in the Total Recall reboot reminded me of that premise. Something to look forward to…

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