A perfect fit

One aspect of modification that we don’t talk about a lot is the setting of goals.  Often we focus on pushing the limits, as that can yield some incredible results.  However for most of us, setting a goal and working towards it is a key element in our journey to reshape our bodies.  The reason I’m bringing this up is that one member of the community has just hit a goal that he set some time ago.  Kev_n has finally reached his goal size for his transscrotal, and although he neglected to mention the specific size, it’s clear that he’s been stretching it for a while.

Yeah, even with the blurring it’s still painfully obvious what the image is of, but you’ll still have to read ahead to see the unblurred version.

And there you have it.  Congratulations Kev_n for reaching your goal!

8 thoughts on “A perfect fit

  1. its 1-5/8″ with a 2 inch flare. 😀
    to the best of my knowledge, having a large TS isnt bad for fertility. and, theyre not really squished at all. really comfortable actually. i guess the reason they look to be squished, is because theres a large flare in front of them.
    and, my testicles are just below the plug. 🙂

  2. @Kev_n, i have been stretching my trans-scrotal and it is now 2″ in diameter. i have been using clear polyvinyl tubing to keep the hole open. i am curious to know what you are using for the tunnel. Teflon? Can you tell me where i can get a similar one? The flared ends would be a big help!

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