More Tattooed Scars

Been seeing some nice examples of healed scars being augmented with tattoos (like the ones Azl did). This example of little flowers and skulls by Alicia in Milan, Italy is interesting because it doesn’t so much look like a “3D mod”, but more like the tattoos are swollen in some way, like they’ve been “slapped” in place or something — it reminds me of the people whose skin swells up at the slightest touch.



2 thoughts on “More Tattooed Scars

  1. That’s quite a nice effect, especially on the flowers, it definitely brings to mind pictures of people with that skin condition scratching little drawings on themselves.

    It’s also nice to finally have a reason to check ModBlog daily, for too long it’s been something I’d only bother looking at a few times a month.

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