Lion Scar Revitalized Via Tattooing

Here’s another beautiful example of combining a well healed piece of scarification with tattooing to both enhance it and extend its lifetime. For the first year or two, a scar is usually quite defined just by its color, if not how much it has raised. However, as time goes by, the color of a scar lightens, and the raised effect diminishes, and in some cases it can be quite difficult to make out — at least in comparison to how it looked when it was young (the same is true for my entire physique, I’m afraid to admit, but let’s not depress ourselves). Adding tattooing is a superb way to revitalize that scar, as in this great example of abstract swirls of colour bringing out this lion scarification by Alejandro Hernandez Salazar of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, who works out of Tattoos by Spooky.


One thought on “Lion Scar Revitalized Via Tattooing

  1. Not really into the art itself, but definitely an amazing concept. Finally something that appeals to me about scarification (scars on all-black ink is cool too though).

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