Tongue Split = Mutant Healing Factor

One of the most amazing thing about tongue splits is that they heal crazy fucking fast, have no long term risks, and have the highest satisfaction rate of any body modification out there. They heal faster than tongue piercings — and probably faster than any other modification with the exception of tattoos — and they’re not going to chip your teeth. That said, it does require skilled hands to do it right. While it is true that nightmare incompetent tongue splits by DIY home doctors tend to be survivable and heal just fine, they’re playing with fire and at a minimum you’ll have way more pain, fear, and there’s a solid chance you won’t get as good looking or deep of a split. It is the sort of thing you should want to do responsibly. Don’t take my comment on how easily it heals and how happy people are with them to mean you can have your dog do it, even if he is very well-trained border collie.

This example was done by the fully human Gladix at On Edge Piercing & Tattooing in The Hague, with beautifully clean looking suturing. Only seven days later and Tirza’s tongue split looks incredible. Nice and deep, perfectly rounded edges without any scarring. Superb work. I should mention that even though the tongue split looks completely healed at this point, but it could take a few weeks more before it can truly be considered fully healed.


13 thoughts on “Tongue Split = Mutant Healing Factor

  1. That’s an incredibly well done split and great suturing job. Absolutely beautiful, thanks for posting this.

  2. Does it look like she has thrush to anyone else? Tongues shouldn’t be that white… Great mod, though!

  3. Lola, that’s quite normal, it’s in part the photo’s levels… Thrush is far, far worse than that. Many people’s tongue look for more plaquey than that normally.

  4. Anyone know if this tongue split had a base? Like a large gauge tongue piercing and maybe even a pre-scalpeled and healed 10/12mm plug?

  5. Sorry for the length of this but, uhm, i would really love to have a tongue-split, and this picture looked super-hot! I’ve been thinking about splitting mine many times, but now I’m 23 y.o (female) and run my own business (as a goldsmith, with a store and workshop, and sometimes working with kids at schools, or old people) and i live at a place where most get freaked out by my stretched lobes, labrets, microdermals on my arms, and a 10g septum ring (among others, they should see what i have beneath my clothes he-he), so it’s quite a long step to eventually get my tongue split.
    Is it possible to reverse it? both new ones and older. How does it affect talking? when i was younger i had difficulties pronouncing Rs and some words, and i still sometimes get it wrong or generally talk a bit “blurry”, would this be worse with a split? I’m really into bodymods, but I’m concerned that a tongue split would be -too much- when I’m trying to run a serious business. At the end this is my choice, but if i cant talk cleanly i think it would affect me as a business-owner.

  6. I have been wanting this for a long time, but can’t seem to find a way to do it in Illinois without going to a dodgy shop.

  7. If you’re already thinking about reversal, you probably shouldn’t have it done in the first place.

  8. Stunning, the suturing looks as perfect as the healed product (or as healed as you can get in a week, I”m really quite surprised). Shannon, you do slowly seem to be persuading me towards considering a tongue split over the past few months!

  9. I had mine done by a well-known professional two years ago, but there was so much swelling that I couldn’t talk or eat for a week and lost 15 pounds. The sutures broke and the incisions on each side split open into a V like (__)
    It took over 2 weeks to heal closed, but I have some numbness on the left tip. I love having it split, but I am disappointed that after all I heard/read about how successful they are, that I had this trouble =(

  10. I love the way this looks, and I’ve heard it feels really cool too. I would do it in a second, but my mom told me she would never talk to me again if I did. And I think she’s serious about it. She saw a picture of a split tongue and started crying. She is very accepting of all my other mods. I just don’t want to cross the line, mostly out of respect for her. Oh well, I’ll just keep dreaming about it. 🙂

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